Barrier-free comfort solutions

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Barrier-Free threshold in accordance with DIN 18040

Energy efficiency and barrier-free systems as if from a single mould: ECO PASS threshold.

The ECO PASS threshold clears the way for barrier-free, limitless living. It provides more independence for senior citizens and people with physical disabilities and offers a huge plus in terms of quality of living. Moreover, the unique 10-chamber profile enables first class thermal insulation beyond the relevant standard and also minimises heating costs and the danger of condensation formation.

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ECO PASS threshold.

  • For lift-slide doors made of timber-aluminium, timber and PVC
  • Practically floor-level passage due to step plates and 5-mm running rail - without compromising the compression
  • 10-chamber design allows optimal thermal insulation

ECO PASS SKY axxent: the zero-barrier threshold.

  • For lift-slide doors made of timber-aluminium
  • 0-mm barrier-free accsess without inclines in accordance with DIN 18040-2 - without compromising the compression
  • 10-chamber design allows optimal thermal insulation

The SKY effect: Allows a seamless transition of the glazing into the floor.

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The ECO PASS SKY version allows fixed glazing down to the, or into the threshold as well as a barrier-free passage. Therefore, the boundary between inside and outside is erased and the living space is visually enlarged.

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Manual ease of use

SOFT CLOSE Function: makes 400 kg as light as a modern kitchen drawer.

There is a safe solution for the simple operation of large and heavy lift-slide systems: The innovative SOFT CLOSE function, which can be invisibly integrated into the sash. This brakes the sash gently just before the end position and then pulls it shut automatically. This minimises any risk of injury in the case of improper operation and precludes any material damage.

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Clever convenient solutions: From the enregy store to the positive control.

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There is always a magic word for maximum ease of use. When it comes to lift-slide systems, this is "energy storage". A special spring hidden in the comfort gear uses the weight of the sash to lift it even more easily. The "positive control" is decisive for larger parallel slide & tilt doors: Merely turning the handle moves the sash conveniently into the desired position.

Innovative bogie wheels: Putting heavyweights into motion really easily.

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Sophisticated product details and the highest quality materials allow sliding doors of all sizes to slide back and forth almost weightlessly. This is achieved by very special bogie wheels which distribute the load of the sash across eight rollers.

Motorised opening and closing

More comfort at the push of a button: Motorised drives.

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Integrated drive systems raise ease of use to the ultimate standard, by permitting sliding doors to open, close and lock fully automatically. Even programming specific opening widths or an automatic timer, as well as operation via app is child's play with SIEGENIA.

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