Smart living due to technology with IQ.

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To make the future of living more intuitive, we are turning the smart adjustment screws even further for room comfort. With drives, ventilation units and sensors that offer more than just interconnected technology. Convenient operation, a climate of well-being, and security are combined together to make an individual experience out of room comfort. To achieve this, we are continually and tangibly increasing the IQ of our technology to be able to centrally control, lock and monitor all room comfort functions. 
Therefore, all-round smart living for us pursues one demand: 360° room comfort

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Smart access control systems.
Digital keys with convenient remote access

Comfort for your home is a basic need which can be operated in a particularly smart way. We have therefore developed a digital access control system which adapts to your individual needs by means of three systems. These digital keys for entrance doors can also be conveniently controlled and administered via remote control or via the SIEGENIA Comfort app. This gives the authorised user the possibility to grant a new or one-off access right while they are out and about. This is how you can experience smart comfort via fingerprint scanner, keypad or transponder.

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IO modules
Interfaces with overarching know-how

Comfort in a smart home is also perceptible by the fact that different systems and products can easily be combined with each other. That's why our IO modules, as interfaces, enable universal control and system extension. Hence, external devices and applications from a wide range of manufacturers can be flexibly connected to the SIEGENIA world or our motorised solutions integrated into Smart Home systems. This is how you can experience our open-system IO modules.

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DRIVE CL tilt locking drive
Fresh air supply with smart extras in the range

Where window motors are concealed, ventilation becomes an invisible comfort with design appeal. Whether we are talking about controlled fresh air supply via hard-to-reach windows or a smart solution for a healthy indoor environment: the DRIVE CL offers all the extras required for more fresh air, comfort and accessibility. At the same time, the SIEGENIA Comfort app opens up a new dimension of operating freedom with many additional functions such as a ventilation timer and remote access. This is how you can experience smart window motor technology.

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Wall-mounted ventilation unit with special communication talent

When supply air and exhaust air are exchanged at minute intervals and, as well as the amount of air, the start and running time can be controlled via an app, you can be sure that an AEROTUBE WRG smart is in operation. An active wall-mounted ventilation unit with heat recovery, automatic humidity control, optional CO₂-regulation and filter technology. Thanks to its smart additional functions, it is a real communication talent that can be networked in pairs and across rooms without additional wiring. This is how you can experience smart ventilation technology.

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