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Welcome to SIEGENIA's smart home of the future.

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Matter: the new smart home standard, also at SIEGENIA.

The smart home of the future has a name: Matter. And the first solutions from SIEGENIA are ready to go. This new communication standard combines outstanding functionality with user-friendly operation – for an all-out smart home that isn't tied to a specific platform or producer.

When it comes to developing smart solutions, one of SIEGENIA's aims is to make smart homes as straightforward as possible for everyone. Matter is the key component in this, providing a whole new level of convenience and connectivity in your own home.

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Smart homes made easy. For everyone.

Matter-enabled solutions from SIEGENIA are easy to integrate into many smart home systems that support the new communication standard. And they can then be operated easily using an app or voice control and integrated into smart home scenarios.
The smart home standard is still relatively new and is growing daily with the addition of new Matter-capable terminal devices and central control units from a wide range of producers.
A compatible Thread home controller is required in order to be able to use the Matter smart home standard. These are available from various producers and come in a variety of forms, such as smart speakers, smart display hubs, smart TV boxes, or are integrated in smart monitors, soundbars and TVs from Apple, Samsung, Google and many more.
Detailed information regarding availability and compatibility with Matter using Thread can be found in the technical data on the producer's website.
An overview of the compatibility of tested home controllers is provided for each Matter-enabled SIEGENIA product.

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Efficient communication.

All Matter-based solutions from SIEGENIA use thread. This wireless technology enables fast, reliable, long-range communication between smart home devices and allows them to be linked to create customised scenarios. Products that work with Thread and are connected directly to the electricity grid can form a long-range mesh network, which will also benefit SIEGENIA's Matter-based products.

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