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The smart window handle is easy to add to many smart home systems that support the new Matter communication standard. This means that anyone can experience that feeling of security and comfort, and control it however they like using an app or voice assistant.

Matter simplifies the compatibility and communication between devices from different producers. Making smart homes as straightforward as possible for everyone: that's the idea behind Matter and what drives SIEGENIA when it comes to developing smart products. 

Find out more about Matter and the first solutions from SIEGENIA.

The handle that adds a touch of magic to windows.

The smart window handle is the innovative upgrade from manually lockable window handles: security and convenience, magically combined in a single product. This eliminates the security risk associated with keys becoming stuck, as well as the inconvenience of searching for keys. Thanks to its smart functionality, windows can do more – from customised control to effortless integration in smart home scenarios. And it's just as easy to install on standard timber and PVC windows as a conventional window handle.

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Features at a glance

Si Icons-griff-web Rgb White-darkblue Auf-und-abschliessen-ohne-schluessel

  Lock and unlock without a key

Si Icons-griff-web Rgb White-darkblue Leaving-coming-home-funktion

  Leaving Home and Coming Home function

Si Icons-griff-web Rgb White-darkblue Oeffnungs-und-verschlussueberwachung

  Opening and locking monitoring system

Si Icons-griff-web Rgb White-darkblue Zentralverriegelungs-funktion

  Central locking function

Si Icons-griff-web Rgb White-darkblue Fernzugriff

  Remote access

Si Icons-griff-web Rgb White-darkblue Timerfunktion

  Timer function

Si Icons-griff-web Rgb White-darkblue Smart-home-senarien

  Customised smart home scenarios

Impressive versatility.

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Comfort at your fingertips, whatever the situation.

From patio doors that are used extensively during the day and only need to be locked securely in the evening, to children's bedroom windows that are only opened under controlled conditions. The smart window handle makes windows mesmerisingly easy to tailor to specific requirements. And it guarantees added security when windows are locked, too.

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Central locking function
Lock all the windows handles with a tap of your finger. Handy when you've already gone to bed.

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Timer function
Create time profiles when windows should always be unlocked. Reassuringly, the window handle automatically remembers to lock.

The feeling of security that you can take with you.

The smart window handle also gives you peace of mind when you're not at home. Safe in the knowledge that all your windows have the best possible protection at all times.

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Leaving Home and Coming Home
Get a reminder to lock or unlock all your handles at the flick of a finger when you leave or enter the house. These are window handles that think for themselves.

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Remote access
You can also monitor and control the status of your window handles at any time using the remote function, even when you're away from home. Smart technology that makes you feel good.

Create your own smart home scenarios

The window handle can communicate with Matter-enabled smart home devices from other producers. This means that scenarios can be created via the app and customised to suit your own needs. To save energy, for example: the heating or air-conditioning can be turned down automatically as soon as a window is opened.

  • Control the heating
  • Control the air conditioning
  • Control the lighting
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Use and installation


Choose from elegant anthracite or timeless white. With its two colour variants and sleek design, the smart window handle complements any timber or PVC window perfectly. It is no different to a conventional window handle when it comes to installing it on the window, which is incredibly easy.

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  • Colours: white, anthracite
  • For timber and PVC windows
  • Installed like a manual window handle
  • System requirements: Matter-enabled smart home system with Thread wireless protocol
  • Configured over Bluetooth with a QR code
  • Battery-operated
  • Variable spindle length (32-42 mm)


Here's how it works.

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A central control unit that supports both Matter and Thread is required in order for the smart window handle to be used with a smartphone or home controller. To integrate the smart window handle into your smart home, simply scan the Matter code on the device. Once you've done that, it is easy to set up and access from your smart home app.

Find out more about Matter.

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Additional functions in the SIEGENIA HomeConnect app
The SIEGENIA HomeConnect app provides attractive extra functionality for the smart window handle to complement your smart home app. If you want to see the exact opening status of your windows, just take a look at the app. This is where your smart window handle will indicate whether a window is open or closed. The convenient assembly and installation wizard also provides step-by-step instructions for initial setup.

SIEGENIA HomeConnect App