PORTAL HS 400 kg

With opening widths of up to 12 m and total widths of up to 19.8 m, lift-slide systems with PORTAL HS hardware create the space for brighter and more beautiful living. With HS 400 compact bogie wheels, state-of-the-art gear technology and many other innovations, you can set 300–400 kg in motion with ease. Walls and barriers are "dissolved into thin air" and you will benefit from time savings and cost reductions throughout the entire production process.

Bogie wheels

Permit even 400 kilogrammes to be effortlessly slid to and fro.

Even heavyweights can be operated as light as a feather when the sash load is evenly distributed on eight rollers. And the light incidence and energy efficiency increase when the bogie wheels are so low that the profiles become narrower. HS 400 compact bogie wheels therefore promote room comfort - and also your production.

  • Optimised, self-aligning load distribution onto 8 rollers for an effortless sliding motion and less wear
  • größerer Lichteinfall und bessere U-Werte durch 12 mm
    flachere Ausführung gegenüber Standard-Laufwagen:
    schmalere Profilquerschnitte möglich
  • Shortened assembly time by dispensing with a tandem solution for 300–400 kg
  • integrierte Feinjustierung mit Nachstellreserven von ca. 3 mm bei der höhenverstellbaren Ausführung des HS 400 compact: schnelles und einfaches Anheben des Flügels im hinteren Bereich
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