KNX Gateway

Intelligent and easily installable solutions for windows and doors.

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Small device with a big effect.

With the KNX Gateway from SIEGENIA, motorised window and entrance door drives communicate directly via the digital bus. This does not just guarantee control and status feedback via the KNX system. Uncomplicated KNX integration via the ETS configuration software is also possible. Windows and entrance doors with different devices and functions can now be integrated in automations without any problems and with minimum effort. The compact design of the gateway enables both concealed in-wall mounting and mounting on a DIN rail.

KNX Gateway: integrates SI-BUS-compliant devices into the KNX environment.


Secure entrance doors that speak KNX.

Maximum functional scope for the KNX Smart Home: thanks to the combination with the KNX Gateway, SIEGENIA motorised drives offer smart comfort as well as a decisive plus in terms of security. Hence, there are now customised solutions available for intelligent entrance doors for high-end private property.

The fully motorised electromechanical multi-point lock, locks and releases the entrance door via the main and auxiliary lock case and ensures optimum sealing at the same time.
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Entrance doors can be released electromechanically with the semi-motorised automatic multi-point locking system.
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Automatically ventilating windows that speak KNX.

Windows with a motorised drive that can be integrated into the KNX Smart Home enable automatic ventilation of windows – perfect, for example, for energy-saving night cooling. DRIVE CL is the economically efficient solution that can be used for motorised tilting, locking and unlocking of windows and can be adjusted to a freely definable opening width. A discreet window appearance is guaranteed thanks to the concealed integration in the frame profile.

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