Perfectly integrated passive ventilator
with humidity control for windows and lift and slide elements.

Komfortsysteme Fassadenluefter Aeromat-flex Head

The AEROMAT flex enables a fresh air supply without interfering with the facade image. Because it simply makes optimal use of the installation space of windows and lift and slide elements. The omission of milling grooves on the elements means that not only are their burglar resistance and their sound absorption unaffected, but this also applies to the production processes. In the AEROMAT flex HY and AEROMAT flex HY 3F variants, the supply air opening is independently regulated by the humidity in the room.

  • AEROMAT flex with rotary switch
  • AEROMAT flex HY with humidity control
  • AEROMAT flex HY 3F with humidity control and 3-function switch
Product benefits
  • Ventilation on the basis of the pressure differential
  • AEROMAT flex HY: regulation of the supply air opening on the basis of the relative room humidity
  • AEROMAT flex HY 3F: rotary switch for humidity-controlled, maximum or minimum ventilation
  • Optional sound insulation modules: increased sound absorption up to 55 dB possible (depending on the duct length)
  • Ventilation even when roller shutters or shades are closed
  • No effect on the burglar resistance, sound absorption or watertightness of the window
  • Also suitable for bedrooms
Komfortsysteme Fassadenluefter Aeromat-flex Produkt
Installation benefits
  • Optimal, practically invisible integration in the facade: use in the existing installation space of windows or lift and slide elements
  • Installation horizontally above or vertically next to the element
  • Can also be used in pairs for increased air throughput
  • Quick and easy installation on site: flexible adaptation to profile depths of 70 to 125 mm due to telescopic duct
  • Optional duct extension for profile depths up to 235 mm
Komfortsysteme Fassadenluefter Aeromat-flex Montage
Technical specifications
  • Dimensions (inner part), H x L x D: 38 x 500 x 39 mm
  • Air throughput at 10 Pa 3 – 33 m³/h
Aeromat Flex Tab 820x680 En


Makes optimal use of the installation space of windows and lift and slide elements.

The AEROMAT flex can be integrated on the element horizontally or vertically, and singly or in pairs, practically completely concealed. The burglar resistance and the sound insulation of the window or lift and slide element remain unaffected and demand-based fresh air supply is possible even if the roller shutters or shades are closed.

Komfortsysteme Fassadenluefter Aeromat-flex Einbau Waagerecht
Komfortsysteme Fassadenluefter Aeromat-flex Einbau Senkrecht

The AEROMAT flex fits elegantly into every room design and every facade. It can be used vertically or horizontally, achieving up to 55 dB sound absorption due to optimum sound insulation modules.

Komfortsysteme Fassadenluefter Aeromat-flex Einbau Zeichnung-fenster

As the first ventilator of its kind, the AEROMAT flex also offers the option of simple and flexible integration in lift-slide systems.

Komfortsysteme Fassadenluefter Aeromat-flex Einbau Zeichnung-schiebetuer
Luefter Fassadenluefter-flex Einbauvariante-hebe-schiebe


Easiest installation of the AEROMAT flex
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The perfectly integrated passive ventilator
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