AS 2750 three-latch lock

with triple self-closing function.

Tuersysteme Kfv Mehrfachverriegelungen Drei Fallen Verriegelung Head

More security at all times and lasting protection against door warping.

The AS 2750 three-latch lock is equipped with the main lock latch as well as two sprung soft lock latches in order to fix the door sash three times in the frame by just closing it. This gives long-term protection against door warping and against unauthorised entry attempts, even when unlocked, by pushing the main lock latch back. After locking with the key, the massive hook bolt-latch combinations ensure maximum intruder resistance. The easily operated gear with powerful door tightening ensures an optimal seal as well as excellent heat and sound insulation with heavy push-pull pressure.

Product benefits
  • Double-acting hook and latch lock combination offers burglary protection up to class RC3
  • Two additional soft-lock latches for long-term protection against warping
  • More security against opening attempts when unlocked via the main lock latch, for example with a bank card
  • VDS class B certificate
  • Release of the door in combination with 3 E-openers is possible
  • Gear ratio designed for powerful door tightening
  • Optimal seal and thermal and sound insulation
  • Suitable for apartment doors, residential front doors and the commercial sector
Tuersysteme Kfv Mehrfachverriegelungen Drei Fallen Verriegelung Tabs
Installation features
  • Quick and easy production and installation due to identical routing templates for all auxiliary lock cases
  • Efficient pre-handling is possible
  • DIN direction can be adjusted on site, smooth latch lever operation
  • Use of the standard locking rail
  • With optional, preassembled T2 door arrester
  • Reduction of error rate due to simplified sequences
Tuersysteme Kfv Mehrfachverriegelungen Drei Fallen Verriegelung Tabs


Tuersysteme Kfv Mehrfachverriegelungen Drei Fallen Verriegelung Tuerspaltsicherung

T2 door arrester: More protection against unwanted guests.

By means of a concealed blocking clip integrated in the rebate, it offers the opportunity to limit the opening width of the door to a secured gap via a swivel knob to increase protection against unauthorised entrance. The locking function can be deactivated at any time from the outside by turning the key once in the locking direction.

  • Swivel knob thanks to analogue backsets optically on a line with the cylinder lock
  • Benefit in contrast with door chains: The door surface is not scratched
  • Can be used DIN right or DIN left
  • Delivery preassembled from factory
  • Sprung index pin with 12.5 mm deadbolt to compensate for airgap tolerances
Tuersysteme Kfv Mehrfachverriegelungen Drei Fallen Verriegelung Tagesfalle

Day latch 115A/115B: Leave the house without a key.

An E3Q locking rail allows combination with the day latch. The main lock and the two auxiliary lock latches are released by the mechanical arresting of the blocking levers on the three E-openers, via a manual locking slider.

Grid dimensions

Customised efficiency: Uniform routing templates, lean warehousing.

Tuersysteme Kfv Mehrfachverriegelungen Drei Fallen Verriegelung Rastermasse

Our multi-point locks with uniform dimensions are intelligent modular systems that make your work from fabrication to installation considerably easier. Uniform routing templates for different types of lock and freely combinable product families make prefabrication more efficient, make the service faster and reduce warehousing.