Continuous supply and exhaust air with outstanding heat recovery, all combined in a single unit.

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The new compact class.

The AEROPLUS WRG completely redefines wall-mounted ventilation: supply and exhaust air, combined with the principle of a rotary heat exchanger, in a very compact space. This is innovative ventilation technology with a modern design. It combines powerful air throughput with excellent heat recovery, whilst delivering outstanding sound absorption and low inherent noise. Whether it's for a new build or for an energy renovation project, the AEROPLUS WRG is the unbeatable alternative to conventional push-pull units.

Ingenious in principle.

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The ultra-compact design of the miniaturised rotary heat exchanger (1) enables regenerative heat recovery in a compact casing for the first time. Two pressure-stable ventilators (2) ensure a balance (3) of supply and exhaust air without any drop in performance, even when there is high wind pressure on the facade. It is also possible to operate the system using supply or exhaust air only, by switching off the relevant ventilator – for intelligent bathroom control, for example. And temporarily deactivating the heat recovery function means that passive cooling is even possible in summer.

Product benefits
  • Parallel supply and exhaust air in one compact unit, with just one unit needed per room
  • Suitable for new builds, energy renovation and retrofitting
  • Up to 93% heat recovery, eligible for subsidies
  • Passive cooling: heat recovery can be temporarily deactivated
  • Operation: via touch control, with the ventilation control unit or externally using building automation
  • Automatic mode: temperature and humidity sensors
  • Filter grades: coarse, fine-dust and pollen or NOx filter
  • External appearance: vent duct with PVC or aluminium cover, PVC weather grille, stainless steel weather protection hood
  • Internal appearance: alternative front panels in a felt finish or pearl dark grey

Additional functions of AEROPLUS WRG smart

  • WIFI module for control using the SIEGENIA Comfort app
  • Additional CO2 sensor
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Installation benefits
  • Installed efficiently and neatly with just one core drill hole (160 mm)
  • Optional: installation with vent duct
  • Surface-mounted and partially recessed installation both possible
  • Can be rotated through 90° for flexible integration
  • Easy to integrate into the building control system thanks to pre-configured inputs
  • Suitable for new builds, energy renovation and retrofitting
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Technical specifications
  • Dimensions, W x H x D: 308 x 408 x 150 mm
  • Air throughput: up to 60 m3/h
  • Heat recovery: up to 93%
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Pipe diameter: 160 mm
  • Can be combined with EPP vent duct, sound absorption up to 57 dB max. depending on version
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Cutting edge in new buildings.

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The AEROPLUS WRG makes planning decentralised ventilation solutions easier and more flexible. Thanks to its impressive air throughput coupled with simultaneous supply and exhaust air, only one unit is needed per room. The numerous installation and equipment options provide a high standard of room comfort and a wide variety of design options.

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Eligible for subsidies in older buildings.

The AEROPLUS WRG is synonymous with healthier living, protecting the building fabric and reducing environmental impact. This is because it combines the required minimum exchange of air with energy-saving, subsidisable heat recovery to deliver energy-efficient ventilation. It is quick and easy to install, making it ideal for energy renovation projects.


Versatile operating methods

The ventilator can be operated either on the unit itself using the touch control panel or via the ventilation control unit that is mounted on the wall as an external control unit. The smart version – AEROPLUS WRG smart – has a WIFI module, allowing it to be controlled using the SIEGENIA Comfort app. It can also be integrated into the building technology by means of external inputs.

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External appearance

Discreet external appearance with vent duct

The EPP vent duct provides a clear, unobstructed view of the facade together with optimised sound absorption. It is suitable for a vast array of building situations and offers greater design freedom.

  • flexible adaptation to the building structures
  • uninterrupted external view of the facade as it is almost completely concealed
  • available with optional discreet plastic or aluminium cover
  • increased sound insulation
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Internal appearance

Unobtrusive front panels for a harmonious room design

In addition to the standard white front panel, two other front panels – one with a felt finish and one in pearl dark grey – mean that the AEROPLUS WRG is guaranteed to blend in perfectly with any interior.

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