MHS400 smart

Fully automatic drive system for lift and slide elements.

Komfortsysteme Motorik Fuer Schiebetueren Mhs400 Smart Head

The barrier-free comfort solution: up to 400 kg can simply be opened, closed and securely locked via an app.

With the MHS400 smart motorised lift-slide drive window facades up to 13 metres wide can be effortlessly automated to lift the operating comfort to the highest standard with ease. The powerful system opens the locking part on the sash, lifts and opens it – or it closes the sash, lowers and and locks it. Operation is not only conveniently possible via a button, but also really easily via the free SIEGENIA Comfort app. A WLAN module is integrated as standard for this purpose, which provides its own WLAN network, but can also be easily connected to the home network. The MHS400 smart is also suitable for retrofitting as it functions independently of the hardware or profile manufacturer.

Product benefits
  • Can be retrofitted regardless of hardware or profile manufacturer
  • Convenient sliding and locking at the push of a button on the sash or via the SIEGENIA Comfort app
  • Motorised night vent and option of a limited opening width
  • 10-minute automatic ventilation
  • Simple manual emergency operation in the event of a power failure
  • Smooth start and stop motion
  • Electronic anti-trap protection feature conforming to relevant standards Modern, colourful design that can be tailored to the lift-slide element Design
  • Wheelchair-accessible design in accordance with DIN 18040 is possible in conjunction with the flat ECO PASS threshold
  • Modern, colourful design that can be tailored to the lift-slide element
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Komfortsysteme Motorik Fuer Schiebetueren Mhs400 Smart Tab Produktvorteile 02
Installation features
  • For universal use, regardless of the hardware manufacturer
  • Suitable for scheme A and C elements with sash weights up to 400 kg
  • Can be easily retrofitted to almost any profile type or system
  • Quick installation and commissioning: preassembled drive, ready-to-use plug-and-play system and automatic programming
  • No change of hardware and no complicated profile milling required
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Technical specifications
  • Supply voltage: 120 - 230 V-, 22 W (scheme A), 48 W (scheme C)
  • Device operating voltage (power supply integrated in the slide drive): 24 V
  • Max. displacement force during slide operation: approx. 50 N (depending on sash weight and friction)
  • Max. torque at square: approx. 25 Nm
  • Traverse speed: approx. 150 mm/sec.
  • Run time of lift drive HA: approx. 7 sec.
  • Temperature range: -5°C to + 50°C
  • Jam protection: electronic overload cut-off device (current limiter in accordance with standard)
  • Protection class: IP20 for dry locations
  • Connection to AC mains power supply at factory: europlug,
  • Cable length 5 m
  • Connection to AC mains power supply at installation site (concealed cable channel)
  • Cable 5 x 1.5 mm2 (all-pole safety isolation required)
  • Connecting clamps: for a max. supply-line cross-section of 2.5 mm2

Operation via app

The benefits are in the palm of your hand: SIEGENIA Comfort app.

Thanks to its integrated WLAN module, the MHS400 smart already offers as standard all of the conditions for control with the free SIEGENIA Comfort app. The WLAN module in the delivery state establishes its own WLAN network to quickly connect the drive system to your smartphone or tablet even without an existing home network. Beyond this stand-alone mode, the MHS400 smart can of course also be effortlessly connected to the home WLAN network in a few minutes – as simply as with a smartphone.

  • Convenient control via smartphone or tablet with the SIEGENIA Comfort app
  • Compatible with iOS 8.0, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as Android 5.0
  • Optimal control thanks to feedback about the device status and the command execution
  • Freely adjustable timer function in the app from 1-59 minutes
  • Direct operation via the WLAN module (stand-alone mode) or integration in the home network
  • No need for an additional remote control
  • Intuitive component start-up thanks to an installation wizard integrated in the app
  • Secure SSL encryption
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