Perfect facade ventilation: flexibly combinable ventilator types, with a uniform appearance. Easy to plan and easy to install.

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State-of-the-art facade ventilation.

Technically demanding projects require an efficient ventilation system that can be harmoniously and flexibly integrated into any building. The AEROMAT VT facade ventilator combines decentralised room ventilation with high additional benefits. It adapts perfectly to the particular requirements due to the freely selectable combination of the individual device types. On a uniform platform of covers with a unit height of only 100 mm, it can be individually configured with five device variants and extensive installation and equipment options. The fabrication, assembly and installation is also quick and easy. The new EPP duct flexibly adapts to the structural conditions and the fabrication is easy and time-saving thanks to its flexible material.

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  • AEROMAT VT WRG and WRG plus: can switch between supply and exhaust air with heat recovery
  • AEROMAT VT A: exhaust air unit
  • AEROMAT VT Z: air supply unit
  • AEROMAT VT DPassive vent on pressure differential basis
System benefits
  • Use of the widest range of ventilator versions and combinations with an identical appearance and installation location
  • Inobtrusive integration of the ventilator/fan/blower into the reveal, wall or lintel
  • Concealed installation options offer discreet integration in the facade thanks to Epp ducts
  • Enhanced sound absorption for building projects with high acoustic demands
  • The device types AEROMAT WRG and WRG plus allow eligible ventilation solutions
  • With the different variants of the AEROMAT VT D, this meets the wide range of requirements with regard to the ratio of sound absorption to air throughput
  • Configurable installation and equipment options, also via online shop
  • Different filter grades: coarse, fine-dust and NOx filter
  • Demand-based automatic ventilation, optionally with air quality control
  • Flexible operation: per touch control on the device (except variant AEROMAT VT D), smart per app control (except variant AEROMAT VT D), or externally via preconfigured inputs
  • Electric lock
  • Configurable software (e. g, for night or cross ventilation or bathroom control)
  • Preheating register for device types AEROMAT VT WRG and WRG plus for use with especially low outside temperatures
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Installation benefits
  • Optimal integration in façade thanks to low unit height and the variable length and depth of the casing platform
  • Wall ducts, lintel ducts and vent ducts made of installation-friendly EPP material for flexible and concealed installation of all device offer structural benefits as well as the simple compensation of structural tolerances
  • Consultation and support for object-specific planning (e.g. through individual assembly suggestions)
  • Preconfigured input and outputs enable easy integration into the building control system and external control
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Compact facade ventilator with heat recovery, optimal air throughput and effective sound absorption.

The AEROMAT VT WRG and AEROMAT VT WRG plus facade ventilators do not only stand for high air throughput and low inherent noise, they also generally stand for a wide range of comfort and solution options. The efficient heat recovery, the intelligent filter technology and the integrated, automatic air quality and humidity control make it a valuable building block towards a healthy indoor environment. The "smart" variant of the ventilator can also be controlled via the SIEGENIA Comfort app for even more room comfort.

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  • Dimensions, H x L x D: 100 mm x 1000 – 6000 mm x 320 – 500 mm
  • Air throughput: up to 60 m³/h
  • Heat recovery efficiency: max. 93 %
  • Energy efficiency class: B
  • Sound absorption Dn,e,w: up to 59 dB
  • Inherent noise LpA: from 25 dB(A) at 30 m³/h
  • Power consumption: 4 – 27 W
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  • Dimensions, H x L x D: 100 mm x 1200 – 6000 mm x 320 – 500 mm
  • Air throughput: up to 45 m³/h
  • Heat recovery efficiency: max. 95 %
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Sound absorption Dn,e,w: up to 58 dB
  • Inherent noise LpA: from 28 dB(A) at 30 m³/h
  • Power consumption: 4 – 20 W


Motor-operated active vent for supply air or exhaust air operation.

The air supply units and exhaust air units of the AEROMAT VT system are essential for implementing the widest range of ventilation scenarios. Equipped with an especially quiet radial fan, the AEROMAT VT A and AEROMAT VT Z offer a high air throughput and effective sound absorption. In this way, in combination with sound absorbent windows, calmness is restored along with the healthy fresh air even in times of high noise pollution.

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  • Dimensions, H x L x D: 100 mm x 750 – 6000 mm x 300 – 500 mm
  • Air throughput: up to 120 m³/h
  • Sound absorption Dn,e,w: up to 57 dB
  • Inherent noise LpA: from 20 dB(A) at 30 m³/h
  • Power consumption: 2 – 20 W
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  • Dimensions, H x L x D: 100 mm x 750 – 6000 mm x 300 – 500 mm
  • Air throughput: up to 120 m³/h
  • Sound absorption Dn,e,w: up to 57 dB
  • Inherent noise LpA: from 21 dB(A) at 30 m³/h
  • Power consumption: 2 – 24 W


Passive pressure differential ventilator with optimum ratio of air throughput and sound absorption.

The air exchange is accomplished via the natural pressure differential between cool outside air and heated, used indoor air. This provides a comfortable and healthy indoor environment without power consumption and without noise pollution and also predestines the ventilator for use in bedrooms and living rooms. Its optimum ratio of air throughput and sound absorption makes the AEROMAT VT D ideal as a passive air ventilator.


  • Dimensions, H x L x D: 100 mm x 500 – 6000 mm x 200 – 500 mm
  • Air throughput: up to 58 m³/h at 8 Pa
  • Sound absorption Dn,e,w: up to 64 dB
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AEROMAT VT D in the versions D2 and D1
Further versions are possible

Smart variant

Even greater ease of use via an app.

The "smart" variants of the device types AEROMAT VT WRG, WRG plus, A and Z are equipped with a WIFI control. Thus the ventilator can be easily and conveniently operated by smartphone or tablet via the SIEGENIA Comfort app.

  • Control via smartphone or tablet via the SIEGENIA Comfort app (from iOS 8.0 and Android 5.0)
  • Continuous control of the blower performance and up to 5 timers
  • Display of the room temperature and the relative air humidity
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Activation/deactivation of automatic mode
  • Direct operation of the WIFI-capable devices or integration in the home network is possible
  • Secure SSL encryption and intuitive configuration
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CO₂ regulation

Air quality sensors for the best indoor air.

All variants of the AEROMAT VT can be equipped optionally with CO₂-regulation. This means that spent air is easily detected and the air exchange is adapted according to demand via the automatic mode. The quality of the indoor air is made visible at a glance via the traffic light display in the SIEGENIA Comfort app. Hence, a high quality of air is guaranteed at all times and the risk of viruses in the indoor air is significantly reduced.

Symbol Co2-regelung

EPP ducts

Clean appearance, clear benefits: installation with EPP ducts.

The AEROMAT VT system has been developed to adapt optimally to the architecture. The wide range of installation locations around the window is not the only convincing feature. Matching EPP ducts also ensure flexible adaptation to the structural conditions and an unobstructed exterior view. Moreover, this enables the further optimisation of the sound absorption.

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Innovative NOx filter

The best filter solution against nitrogen oxides, fine dust and pollen.

With the new NOx filter, you are not only offering a solution against pollen and fine dust, but also against nitrogen oxides. Thus you can achieve a considerably better quality of fresh air even in large cities. The NOx filter extracts even the finest harmful or irritating substances from the air and has been specially developed for nitrogen oxides arising from combustion engines and combustion plants, in particular. In particular, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is contained to a high degree in car exhaust fumes and can become a serious problem, especially for asthmatics.

  • Protection against nitrogen oxides, especially NO2 due to car exhaust fumes
  • Protection against pollen, valuable for allergy sufferers
  • Protection against fine dust (filter grade ISO ePM10 50%)
  • Can also be retrofitted and replaced without problems
  • Maintenance reminder via a filter replacement indicator
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Versatile operating options.

The AEROMAT VT offers maximum flexibility when it comes to operation and control: on the unit itself via Touch Control, via the ventilation control unit that is mounted on the wall as an external control unit, using smart technology via the SIEGENIA Comfort app or externally through the building management system.

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The AEROMAT VT system
The AEROMAT VT system
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