Automatic multi-point locking system BS 3700

Security that's always spot on: the first self-adjusting
automatic multi-point locking system.

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The all-inclusive package for modern doors

Uninterrupted security, ease of use and minimal maintenance: the BS 3700 combines all of this – and it does it all completely automatically. The first automatic multi-point locking system with integrated self-adjustment, it makes sure your door opens perfectly and locks reliably every time. An all-inclusive system with no service costs.

One-time installation, constantly self-adjusting.

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The BS 3700 is the first multi-point locking system that simply ignores critical installation locations or thermal influences: its intelligent design and matching frame parts eliminate the need for on-site readjustment – even after several years of heavy use of the door. The new locking elements fix the door leaf securely in the frame at all times, even if the door is warped. As a result, unprofitable customer service is transformed into ongoing self-service. Good for you, good for your customers.

Product benefits
  • Multi-point lock with self-adjustment: no on-site readjustment necessary
  • Secure locking of all three locking elements at all times thanks to a patented backwards pressure protection device
  • Automatic 20 mm projection of all locking elements with a backset of as little as 35 mm
  • Suitable for timber, aluminium and PVC front doors in domestic properties
  • Wide range of upgrade options for maximum flexibility, e.g. extension pieces for doors up to 3 m in height
  • Intended for resistance class RC3 in accordance with EN 1627
  • Child-proof lock activated by disabling the door handle using the cylinder lock
  • Complies with DIN EN 15685; tested and classified for 200,000 cycles with doors weighing 200 kg
  • SKG certified
  • Testing according to QM 342 in the pipeline
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Installation benefits
  • Simple adjustment of the DIN orientation by means of the main lock latch
  • Automatic trigger latch with self-adjustment of the DIN orientation
  • Identical milling dimensions and fastening holes as in KFV ONE multi-point locks
  • Existing KFV AS 2xxx, BS 2xxx and AS 3xxx can be replaced with minimal effort
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Reliably secure at all times.

To ensure the door locks reliably at all times, we have installed the automatic trigger latch (1) in the main lock. This ensures that the door always closes perfectly regardless of any airgaps, even if the door leaf is warped. The automatic 20 mm projection of the hook bolts and the newly designed main lock bolt ensures genuine three-point locking – with a backset of as little as 35 mm thanks to the new geometry.

Always perfectly positioned.

The BS 3700 always guides the locking elements securely into the frame. If the locking elements (2) do not reach their end position due to tolerances when retracting into the frame parts, they are still locked and held in position by the patented backwards pressure protection device (3). As a result, the door leaf is fixed in the optimum position and all locking elements are guaranteed to operate freely all the way to the end position. That's ingenious self-adjustment. Replacing existing KFV multi-point locks is also incredibly simple thanks to standardised modular dimensions. In the frame part, the Q-adjustment is simply replaced with the F-backing (4).

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TA daytime release: leave the house without a key.

Practical for all everyday situations when you want to leave the building briefly without a key: simply deactivate the automatic function using the daytime release slider and release the main lock latch on the frame part. The daytime release can also be retrofitted efficiently before the BS 3700 is installed in the door leaf: slide the daytime release in from the front and simply fix in place at the side with a screw.

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T3/T4 safety lock: extra protection when opening the door.

For selective control at the front door, the opening width of the door can be restricted to a secured gap at any time. The safety catch integrated in the rebate can be activated and deactivated easily from the inside with the safety lock using the swivel knob. The T4 model, which comes pre-installed, allows authorised individuals to unlock the door at any time from the outside using the main lock.

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A-opener drive unit: the easy way to open doors.

Added convenience for front doors. Not only does the door lock automatically, it also unlocks electromechanically thanks to the motor, without the need for a key. Perfect for those seeking greater convenience, barrier-free living and practical options for opening doors, including in apartment blocks. To make the process even easier when unlocking your door, it can also be combined with SIEGENIA's digital access control systems, which feature an intelligent plug & play solution for easy installation. Alternatively, existing third-party analogue systems can also be connected via an IO module.

The A-opener

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BV 1700 extension piece: a striking look.

Large doors are on trend. Which is why we make it possible to extend the BS 3700 by adding extension pieces, enabling door heights of up to 3 metres. For impressive entrances that don't compromise on security.


KFV BS 3700