PORTAL HS 250 kg

Our PORTAL lift-slide technology for timber, PVC and aluminium is so versatile and sophisticated that it pushes forward with regard to room comfort, with its wide range of innovations – of course it is also barrier-free and comes with numerous options for saving time and reducing costs throughout the entire production process.

Bogie wheels

Lean design with improved smooth-running for sash weights up to 250 kg.

As a cost-effective solution for lower sash weights, the new HS 250 compact bogie wheels, set apart by their lean, compact design, can carry 250 kg sash weight. Their innovative bearing technology, which takes, among other things, the weight distribution of energy-efficient triple glazing into account, provides enhanced smooth running.

  • Cost-effective option for light lift & slide sashes up to 250 kg
  • The same width and height dimensions as the HS 400 compact bogie wheels, making it possible to work with a uniform bogie wheel groove during the production process
  • Integrated precision adjustment with readjustment reserves of approximately 3 mm for the height-adjustable version of the HS 250 compact for easy lifting of the sash at the rear
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