axxent front door hinge

for aluminium doors.

Tuersysteme Kfv Bandseiten Axxent Tuerband Head

Allows robust technology to appear lighter with little effort.

The fully concealed axxent front door hinge makes the pivot points invisible from the outside, consequently turning aluminium doors into classic, discreet design elements for a contemporary room atmosphere. It combines the highest demands of design with robust technology, a load capacity of up to 120 kg and perceptible advantages in the assembly. The two-part design makes the hanging and removal of the sash particularly easy and the convenient 3D adjustment allows maximum play for side, height and compression adjustment.

Tuersysteme Kfv Bandseiten Axxent Tuerband

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Robust technology: for aluminium doors up to 120 kg
  • The two-part design with frame and sash part makes it particularly easy to hang and remove the door leaf
  • Optimum 3D adjustment with large adjustment settings
  • Low level of profile milling required
  • Easy to clean