Drive unit for the electromechanical release of automatic multi-point locks.

Komfortsysteme-motorik Fuer Eingangstueren A-oeffner Head 1600x597

The retrofit solution to make secure doors more convenient.

With the A-opener, the AS 3500, AS 3600 and AS 3600 C automatic multi-point locking systems can be retrofitted to an electromechanical version so that your door can also be unlocked electronically. This gives the door a discreet and appealing appearance and makes connection and installation extremely easy. Moreover, the A-opener can be optimally combined with the digital SIEGENIA access control systems or with access control systems from other manufacturers. Even connection to third-party systems is possible thanks to the innovative IO modules.

Product benefits
  • Greater ease of use: automatically mechanically locking multi-point locks AS 3500 / AS 3600 can also have automatic electromechanical opening
  • Electromechanical opening in order to release the locking elements in the auxiliary lock case and open the door.
  • Manual locking and release via cylinder at any time – even during power failure
  • Future-proof SI-BUS technology with 128 Bit AES encryption
  • Can easily be combined with various access control systems like the KFV Fingerprint Scanner or KFVkeyless for operation via Bluetooth or keypad
  • Permanent standby state without cool-down phases
  • Optionally retrofittable
Komfortsysteme Motorik Fuer Eingangstueren A Oeffner Tabs
Installation features
  • Compatible with cable transfers and accessories from the GENIUS programme
  • The same compact dimensions as with the GENIUS Motor: low installation width of only 16 mm and a minimum installation depth of 52 mm

Plug-and-Play solution:

  • Simple ordering: only one material number per set
  • No missing components for the assembly
  • Error minimisation due to prefabricated cable with safe plug coding
  • Commissioning without qualified electrician
  • Future-proof due to possibilities for extension
  • Versions with frame-integrated power supply or for top hat rail mounting / KFV Fingerprint Scanner or KFVkeyless
  • Sets for timber, metal and PVC doors


Clever Plug-and-Play Sets: Simply more efficiency.

Thanks to predefined Plug-and-Play sets, you can obtain all necessary components for the automatic multi-point locking system with A-opener with one single order number  – for entrance doors of all frame materials and with a wide range of prefabricated components. This ensures quick and errorless sequences from order to commissioning.

Komfortsysteme-motorik Fuer Eingangstueren A-oeffner Plug-and-play 1649x615
  • Only one order number for one complete set: including access control system, power supply and all necessary cables
  • All components are in preassembled, modular kits
  • Snap-in plug connections, protected against polarity reversal: No electrician required

Networking with third-party systems

Boundless networking: thanks to IO modules.

Komfortsysteme-motorik Fuer Eingangstueren A-oeffner Vernetzung 1649x700

External signal transmitters such as an intercom system or clock timer can be integrated with the A-opener in conjunction with the IO modules. Existing access control systems can likewise be connected via IO modules. These function as an interface to flexibly connect the devices and applications from other manufacturers with the room comfort solutions from SIEGENIA.

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