Frame parts

for all materials and profile systems.

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You will also profit in many ways with our frame parts.

Our comprehensive KFV frame part range encompasses not only every lock and every multi-point lock, but also every frame part for a modular system concept – with freely combinable product families, clever uniform dimensions and real innovations. With few component designs and without special frame parts, this offers a maximum diversity of solutions, simple work steps and minimum warehousing.

Innovative pressure adjustment: optimum compression, best tolerance compensation.

The eccentric pressure adjustment with its unique setting range of +/- 2.5 mm at a low installation depth is the best on the market. This simplifies the installation and provides very high compression for protection against blasts of wind and driving rain. One version, numerous possibilities: Our frame parts with pressure adjustment can be used with all multi-point lock types with round bolts, hook (6 mm / 8 mm) or round bolt-hook bolt combinations.

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New AT-piece 118/119: strong, continuous, high quality.

With the new AT-piece the latch slide is already integrated and continuous compression adjustment is possible. The visually appealing solution is impressive with its extremely high stability and is suitable for all frame materials with striker plate widths of up to 24 mm (AT-118) or beyond (AT-119). With a base height from 6 mm onwards, no milling in the frame is necessary. The AT-piece can be combined with the day latch 115-A/115-B without any problems.

Tuersysteme Kfv Mehrfachverriegelungen Rahmenteile At Stueck 118 119

Locking rails

Right up to the height of the door and state-of-the-art.

  • Elegant, streamlined appearance
  • Simple installation, as only one part needs to be attached
  • Modular system: Only one locking rail for different locking versions
  • With chamfer and compression control in the latch area provided by the new AT-piece
  • Perfect tolerance compensation:            With eccentric compression control for round bolts and hook bolts of +/- 2.5 mm
  • The deadbolt lining can be conveniently applied from the front and is available in various depths
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Individual striker plates

Flexible, good quality and cost-effective.

  • Easy to install, flexible and cost-effective
  • Clever modular system: Only one striker plate for different locking versions
  • Main lock: Compression control of main lock latch via an AT-piece
  • The deadbolt lining can be conveniently applied from the front and is available in various depths
  • Auxiliary boxes: Perfect tolerance compensation with eccentric compression control for round bolts and hook bolts of +/- 2.5
  • Profiled end caps for easy positioning and an attractive appearance
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E-opener locking rail for AS 2750

A Perfect Combination.

  • Specially designed for the AS 2750 three-latch multi-point lock
  • For combination with three conventional E-openers
  • Wiring is on the frame side
  • Release of all three latches via E-opener
Tuersysteme Kfv Mehrfachverriegelungen Rahmenteile E Oeffner As 2750

Day latch 115-A/115-B

Release the main lock!

You can easily "push open" the optically closed door and leave the house for a short time without a key.

  • Simple release of the main lock latch via a locking slider
  • Easy to install and can be adjusted even after installation
  • For locking rails and striker plates with E-opener cut to length
  • For retrofitting or for standard use with KFV frame parts
  • A cost-effective alternative to an E-opener
  • Suitable for DIN right and DIN left
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