Key-operated multi-point locks KFV ONE.

Locking and release of the door via the cylinder lock.

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A system that sets new standards.

With multi-point locks with uniform dimensions and freely combinable product families, KFV has always made a wide range of solutions lean and efficiently. With the new KFV ONE modular system, the proven KFV system advantages have now been consistently further developed, completely redefining the limits of modularity. KFV ONE also brings together the most diverse country-specific requirements and customer requirements with significantly simplified manufacturing processes

The new generation of key-operated multi-point locks: the modular system KFV ONE.

With our modular system KFV ONE, the proven KFV system benefi ts have been subjected to consistent further development and the boundaries of modularity have been completely newly defi ned. Therefore, fabricators are able to confi gure a versatile variant spectrum, distinguished by the maximum reduction of essential components, lean warehousing and easy ordering. Simple assembly processes are maintained by the uniform milling and screwing positions which allow cross-series use.

Tuersysteme Kfv Kfv-one Modulsystem

More productivity for you, more variety for your customers.

The unique KFV ONE modular system is not just an ace in production, but it is also in a class of its own when it comes to room comfort. The high degree of modularity makes it possible to flexibly and efficiently configure a wide range of variants. The small number of components keeps warehousing lean and at the same time simplifies ordering.

Radically simplified. Consistently improved.

Tuersysteme Kfv Kfv-one Size
Tuersysteme Kfv Kfv-one Size Fraestaschen
  • A milling measure for each additional and main lock case
  • Uniform fixing positions for all multi-point locks
  • Uniform closing direction of the drive rod for flexible modularity
Tuersysteme Kfv Kfv-one Quality
Tuersysteme Kfv Kfv-one Quality Getriebe
  • Uniform high ease of use thanks to smooth-running gears in all main lock cases
  • Uniform high level of comfort with every multi-point lock: softlock latch as standard
  • Uniform, optimised shape for greater burglar resistance: improved contour of the hook bolt
Tuersysteme Kfv Kfv-one Workflow
Tuersysteme Kfv Kfv-one Workflow Falle
  • Uniform, modular construction: one system, all possibilities
  • Uniform latch connection and easy change of DIN direction and latch heads
  • Easy upgrade of the standard multi-point lock
Product benefits
  • Comprehensive product range in a freely combinable modular system: great range of versions and reduced warehousing
  • Clever uniform dimensions for identical routing templates
  • Consistently high-quality materials and precise fabrication
  • High intruder resistance up to RC3
  • High thermal insulation and optimal sealing
  • Powerfully tightening but very smooth-running gear
  • Diverse backsets and PZ dimensions available
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Installation features
  • Quick and easy production and installation due to identical routing templates for all auxiliary lock cases
  • Efficient pre-handling is possible
  • DIN direction can be adjusted on site, smooth latch lever operation
  • Same frame parts for all multi-point locks with secondary lock
  • Reduction of error rate due to simplified sequenc
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Technical specifications
  • Backsets 25 to 100 mm
  • PZ dimensions: 72, 85, 88 and 92 mm for profile cylinders (PZ)
  • 74 and 94 mm for Swiss round cylinders (RZ)
  • Faceplate versions from 16 mm flat faceplate to U-profile faceplate 10 x 30 x 10 mm

Faceplate finishes:

  • Galvanised
  • Silver coating RAL 9007
  • White coating RAL 9016
  • Black coating RAL 9005
  • Brushed matt stainless steel


  • Fire protection versions (FS) can be delivered
  • Swing door roller latch
  • Safety lock
  • Extension pieces for door heights up to 3 m
  • Versions with lower handle height for accessibility

Can be used for door elements with intruder resistance in accordance with DIN EN 14351, tested and classified in accordance with DIN EN 1627 – -1630

Tuersysteme Kfv One Tab Produktvorteile Technische Daten


The new KFV ONE modular system
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