We bring spaces to life.

Three dimensions and four walls result in a space. But still no living space. Because that is a dynamic construction of many factors and functions: security, comfort, health, aesthetics, sustainability, energy efficiency and much more. But the focus is always on people. 

In short: A space is a system and window or door hardware, therefore, is not just window hardware. It is part of the system that ensures that spaces become alive and people feel comfortable in them. Living spaces. This kind of thinking in terms of systems has a long tradition at SIEGENIA. Today, we are the leading system provider of room comfort: with window, door and comfort systems.

Window systems

Door systems

Comfort systems   

Your system provider for the room comfort of the future.
Windows with integrated ventilation technology fitted with individual access rights up to intelligently networked motor, monitoring and control solutions integrated into the building control technology: SIEGENIA offers sophisticated systems for windows, doors and sliding doors - and thus the solutions for the room comfort of the future.  

Room comfort is thus no longer the sum of many detailed solutions, but the result of a holistic approach. To convert diverse requirements, expectations and needs into innovative and marketable solutions is what drives us.
There are countless ways to design, to use and to inhabit a room. Take a look at www.roomcomfort.com and discover solutions that sustainably improve spatial relationships and spatial perception for humans.