Your window becomes a comfort window.

Komfort Komfortfenster Head

SIEGENIA ease of use: Quality you notice every day.

You notice it every day when you have SIEGENIA in your windows. Either with every movement, because windows with SIEGENIA hardware slide more gently and safely in the frame, or with every tap of the finger, because ventilation also works easily via an app thanks to the integrated motor function or ventilation technology.

Manual ease of use

More light and air, more zest for life.

Komfort Komfortfenster Lebenslust

Large windows inspire the soul. Especially when they are safe and straightforward to operate thanks to functions that prevent mishandling and gears that require less power. When you notice every day how smooth windows with SIEGENIA feel in your hand, then that's what we call room comfort.

Always smooth
Komfort Komfortfenster Leichtgaengigkeit

Windows with SIEGENIA hardware are particularly secure and smooth to operate. Our comfort mushroom cams make a decisive difference in quality. Arranged around the window, they provide an optimally adjusted system with their mushroom-shaped head, roller function and the automatic height adjustment.

Always durable
Komfort Komfortfenster Fluegelheber

It cannot defy gravity, but it can successfully counteract it: Our sash lifter. As, when wide window sashes subside a little in the course of time, the lifter lifts these imperceptibly when they are being closed. This way they still slide safely and gently into the frame even after years of use.

Mishandling prevented
Komfort Komfortfenster Fehlbedienungssperre

Our anti-mishandling device makes your windows particularly safe to operate. Because with a hasty change from the turn to the tilt position the window handle is specifically blocked. This prevents the hazard of mishandling.

Secured night vent
Komfort Komfortfenster Vent-secure

Ensure a feeling of health and protection with one movement: Because with our secured night vent, TITAN vent secure, you can leave your window open a crack and still be well protected - against burglary, against drafts and driving rain.

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Automatic ease of use

Windows that move themselves.

Komfort Komfortfenster Axxent-drive
Komfort Komfortfenster Axxent-drive Connect-app

Powerful, concealed integrated motor function brings greater ease into life. Because especially hard to reach windows can thus be easily operated at the touch of a button and also integrated into the building automation. SIEGENIA axxent drives provide controlled ventilation fully automatically and are almost invisible from the outside.

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Integrated ventilation technology

Windows that provide fresh air even when closed.

Komfort Komfortfenster Fensterluefter-aeromat-vt-wrg

Intelligent window ventilators are a clever alternative to motorised window drives. These can be integrated into windows almost invisibly and provide a pleasant, healthy and efficient indoor environment with further comfort functions such as humidity control, filter technology and heat recovery.

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