The app solution for safe windows.

For experts, prevention of break-ins begins with RC1 – and for users, it begins with shutting the window. If windows remain open without residents noticing, even the most modern security fittings are useless. To ensure that our tried-and-tested mechanical break-in prevention fittings are used correctly, SIEGENIA-AUBI Sicherheits-Service GmbH offers the electronic control system iWindow.

Keep an eye on your windows wherever you are – simply, safely and intelligently.
This user-friendly app solution can be quickly and easily retrofitted on almost all SIEGENIA fittings. It means that you can keep an eye on all your windows, opening up new possibilities in terms of living comfort. With iWindow, home and entertainment electronics can be networked regardless of manufacturer and can be controlled at the touch of a button via an all-in-one remote control in the form of a smartphone, pad or tablet PC.