Know-how: Tips and tricks for
window care.

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A little care, a lifetime of joy.

The hardware defines all important window functions. As the "heart" and the motor of the window, it provides effective burglar resistance, a sustained high level of ease of use and special compression. A piece of SIEGENIA quality hardware consists of up to 80 individual components that interact perfectly in the smallest space. A few matters relating to care must be noted to ensure that this technical masterpiece will still function smoothly and safely after a lot of years.


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To maintain the ease of use and functionality over a long period, you should treat the accessible, moving hardware components with an oil, free of silicone and acid, at least once a year. During this lubrication, you can simultaneously check whether the locking elements exhibit any signs of wear and tear.


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You should check the seating and sealing function of the seals of your windows once a year and also lubricate them with silicone oil or talcum. They will then remain smooth and functional for longer. A replacement of the seals, according to strain, could be necessary after several years to maintain optimum compression.

Frame and sash

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Use a neutral all-purpose cleaning agent for cleaning. Cleaning agents with aggressive ingredients, solvents or abrasive substances could damage the surfaces. You should wash and wipe down aluminium or PVC profiles at least once a year using a soft sponge and a little detergent. Preserving care agents will provide the profiles with additional protection against dirt and water. Timber surfaces should be cleaned using special agents and protected against weathering by care agents.

Window handles

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Window handles can loosen if they are subjected to excessive strain. To re-tighten the handles, lift the cover flap under the handle and turn it from the vertical to the horizontal position. The handle can be firmly fixed again by tightening the screw below the handle.