Burglar resistance „in your blind spot“.

Sicherheit Sichere-schiebetueren Head

Security on a grand scale for your sliding doors.

In places where burglars feel they are unobserved, special security solutions are needed, for example on terraces where fences or hedges provide them with a perfect screen from vigilant neighbours. Play it safe and protect yourself with modern SIEGENIA security hardware which ensures high burglar resistance. Operation remains easy. To support the mechanical burglar resistance you can also monitor our sliding doors electronically.

Mechanical burglar resistance

Prying open is practically impossible

Special locking hooks, bolts and cams make it difficult to lever the sash open. For resistance class RC2, the number of locking elements is adapted to the requirements and striker plates made from special steel are used.

With the lockable handle you can not only prevent levering but also burglary attempts in which the perpetrator knocks a small hole into the glass pane or penetrates the glass seal in order to open the sliding door using the handle.

Sicherheit Sichere-schiebetueren Schwenkhaken

Robust hook bolts: secure, tight and durable.

Securely lock

Connection to alarm systems

Connection to alarm systems, VdS tested up to class C: AEROCONTROL

To support the mechanical burglar resistance you can also monitor your sliding doors electronically. Concealed, integrated magnetic switches register the unnoticed security risks of open or badly locked sliding elements to your central monitoring or alarm system.