Simplified retrofitting of the secured night vent

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TITAN vent secure positioning aid

Thanks to the secured night vent, TITAN vent secure, windows offer tested, scalable intruder resistance from basic security to up to RC2 and simultaneously protect against driving rain, not only in the locked position but also in the 10 mm tilt gap position. Retrofitting is even faster and easier now with the positioning aid specially developed for the system. As well as a marking function for the cam position on the frame, the positioning aid also offers a centering function for TITAN vent secure striker plates. The positioning aid is simply put over the comfort mushroom cam in order to adjust it simply and precisely.

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Your benefits

  • Safe ventilation – even when you're not there – with a tilt gap ventilation opening of 10 mm
  • Certified intruder resistance up to RC3 in the locking position and RC2 in the tilt gap position
  • No additional parts are required
  • Positioning aid for the accurate positioning of the frame parts
  • No visible, interfering components


TITAN AF vent secure assembly of frame parts
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TITAN vent secure works so easily
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