Professional care and maintenance

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Service Tools toolboxes and belt pouches

With our toolbox, you will be prepared for everything and ready to go with everything in one hand: The case is completely equipped with high-quality professional tools and contains everything you, as a specialist, need for the optimised adjustment and maintenance of SIEGENIA systems.

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We recommend our practical tool belt pouch as an ideal complement to the toolbox. This means you will always have everything within reach, even on difficult sites. The pouches have a main compartment, two side tool loops and a front net bag and can easily be fixed to any belt.

Ihre ADVANCE Vorteile

  • hochwertige Werkzeugkoffer: Komplettausstattung mit Profi-Werkzeug und Profi-Pflegemitteln – besonders montagefreundliche Ausführungen
  • alle Werkzeuge aus einer Hand
  • praktische Gürteltaschen „Basic“ und „Start“ mit TITAN Montagehebel und beschlagspezifischem Pflege-Öl
  • individuelle Ausstattung der Gürteltasche „Start“ möglich
  • „Basic“-Variante mit Bitsortiment und flexiblem Bithalter