Providing fresh air whilst keeping intruders out.

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Lie back and relax or calmly leave the house with the TITAN vent secure night vent.

High intruder protection and healthy ventilation are no longer a contradiction in terms. Because with our secured night vent, TITAN vent secure, you can leave your window open a crack and still be well protected - against burglary, against draughts and driving rain. This way you can easily ensure a feeling of protection and well-being.

Sicherheit Spaltlueftung-vent-secure Fenster Detail
Sicherheit Spaltlueftung-vent-secure Fenster Aussen

All the benefits for you

  • Tilt vent opening of 10 mm for intruder-resistant ventilation regardless of weather
  • Certified burglar resistance up to RC2 in the locking and ventilation position
  • Pleasant basic ventilation: More protection against draughts and mould
  • Well protected against driving rain
  • Intuitive, familiar turn and tilt operation
  • Easy to retrofit


The TITAN vent secure works so easily
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Windows which provide fresh air and are nevertheless well secured
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