TITAN silver

Fenstersysteme Titan Af Fuer Alu16 Oberflaeche Silber Head

For minimum wear, lasting functional reliability and a long lasting beautiful appearance.

A special climate creates special demands - including, of course, on the quality of your hardware. That's why our TITAN hardware is made from high quality materials and has first-class surface finishes. Depending on the type and location, they not only offer an extremely effective corrosion protection against general environmental influences, but also protection against the stresses of extreme climate and weather conditions. Whether it be in a wind protected urban area or close to the coast, a perfectly matched TITAN surface ensures durably resistant windows and prevents complaints.

One of the best and most durable standard finishes on the market.

  • Surpasses the highest corrosion protection class 5 in accordance with DIN EN 1670 with more than 480 hours in the salt spray test
  • Provides protection against general environmental influences such as rain, wind, dust and air humidity
  • Protection also in case of minor surface damage
  • Material: steel, zinc plated and sealed
  • High-quality silver gloss appearance
  • For timber or PVC profiles
Fenstersysteme Beschlaege Oberflaechen Titan Silber