Powerful motor function for windows, doors and sliding doors

Smarthome Motorik Head

Intelligent living

Well concealed high efficiency can also be operated via app: Smart SIEGENIA drives.

Intelligent and barrier-free living is a question of the right technology above all. Because a tap of the finger is enough to move large elements or to provide abundant fresh air. With SIEGENIA smart drives, you can control modern windows, sliding doors or entrance doors conveniently via app and benefit from clever additional functions. The required WIFI module is already integrated in the drive and can be connected to the home WIFI network or directly to the smartphone without any problems.

Motor function for windows

Smarthome Motorik Fenster Drive-axxent-dk

DRIVE axxent DK

Fully concealed tilt sash locking drive for tilt-only and turn-and-tilt windows: Motorised release, tilting, closing and locking.

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Smarthome Motorik Fenster Drive-axxent

DRIVE axxent DK

Concealed motion chain drive for modern skylights: Opening and closing Inaccessible tilt windows with large opening width of 350 mm.

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Motor function for sliding doors

Smarthome Motorik Schiebetueren Drive-axxent-hsa

DRIVE axxent HSA smart

Partly concealed, fully automatic drive system: Move and securely lock lift and slide elements up to 400 kg. Can also be operated via app.

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Smarthome Motorik Schiebetueren Mhs400

MHS400 smart

Upgradeable, fully automatic drive system: Open, close and securely lock lift and slide elements up to 400 kg. Can also be operated via app.

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MSA400 smart

Fully automatic drive system: Move sliding elements up to 400 kg sash weight conveniently via app or by pressing a button.

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Motor function for entrance doors

Smarthome Motorik Tueren Genius


Fully motorised multi-point lock for electromechanical locking and unlocking: More comfort and security with optimum sealing.

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Upgradeable motorised drive unit for release of the automatic multi-point locks AS 3500 and AS 3600.

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