The clever passive ventilator with the double locking mechanism.

The AEROMAT midi is particularly impressive due to its intelligent design with the double locking mechanism. Other striking features are the volumetric flow limiter, which uses a flap, and the insect screen which is integrated in the weather protection grille. Thanks to its high air throughput based on natural pressure differential and the effective sound-absorption, this passive ventilator enables air change without the need for user intervention, thereby meeting increased demands for comfort and convenience. The AEROMAT midi is also particularly suitable as a vent for a central air exhaust system. The attractive vent design is further enhanced by the lack of visible screws. The AEROMAT midi can also be dismantled without the use of tools for easy cleaning.

Assembly Benefits

  • Use with and without air duct
  • Small dimensions of the weather protection grille mean that it can be used with a variety of roller shutters
  • Sound absorption panel can be installed internally or external

Overview of Benefits

  • intelligent internal design with double locking mechanism
  • Volumetric flow limiter
  • Insect screen integrated into weather protection grille
  • Attractive visual appearance due to concealed fixing screws
  • Can be dismantled for cleaning without the need for tools