The small sound-absorbing ventilator with big advantages: quiet, powerful, easy to use, quick to install.

There is a proven solution that has been used in countless projects to combat the increased noise pollution when supplying fresh air: AEROPAC – our compact, almost silent sound-absorbing ventilator, which has been installed well over one hundred thousand times. In combination with sound insulated windows, the AEROPAC’s sound absorption turns your four walls once again into a place of quiet and relaxation, regardless of road, rail or air traffic outside. Thanks to three different optional filters, other environmental problems such as fine dust and pollen stay outside too. The air throughput of the AEROPAC can be conveniently adjusted to several levels as required using the LCD. This little all-rounder consumes a mere 5 W at 60 m3/h.

All benefits at a glance

  • Highly effective sound absorption for peaceful, quiet sleep
  • Draught-free ventilation, almost silent
  • LCD: air flow setting and programmable timer
  • Slider on the side for individual air control
  • 3 optional filters: coarse dust, activated carbon, fine dust and pollen filters
  • Filter cassettes and a change indicator make changing the filter easy
  • Extremely small dimensions and elegant, high-gloss casing

Installation advantages

  • Quick and clean installation in approximately 45 minutes
  • Easy to install on the sill
  • Suitable for installation in new buildings or for renovation projects