AEROVITAL ambience

Modern wall-mounted ventilator with high sound absorption, heat recovery and special comfort functions.

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The smart all-rounder for a calm and healthy indoor environment.

AEROVITAL ambience is the solution for calm enjoyment of fresh air of the best quality. With effective sound absorption and clever comfort functions like the intelligent humidity control, it provides filtered and well controlled home ventilation. This makes the indoor environment healthier and saves energy, because the wall-mounted ventilator recovers over 85 % of the heat from the exhaust air.

In the "smart" version with integrated WLAN module, the AEROVITAL ambience, thanks to the SIEGENIA Comfort app, can also easily be operated by smartphone or tablet, opening up numerous additional functions. It can be quickly and easily installed even in inhabited buildings and its flat, contemporary design means it fits very well into practically every room concept. Not least, due to the possibility of embedding it in the wall.

Product benefits
  • Controlled, pollen-filtered domestic ventilation (filter type M5)
  • High sound absorption and air throughput – minimum inherent noise
  • Automatic humidity control via inside and outside sensors
  • Heat recovery of up to 85 %
  • LED status indicator and filter change indicator on the device
  • Summer / winter mode (bypass function) on the device
  • AEROVITAL ambience smart version: operation via app with numerous additional functions
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Installation features
  • Only 2 x 80 mm core drill holes, no wet drilling required
  • Wall thicknesses from 100 mm onwards
  • Installation is possible in inhabited buildings at any time
  • Concealed installation possible
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Technical specifications
  • Dimensions, H x W x D: 690 x 618 x 185 mm
  • Sound absorption, Dn,e,w: 53–58 dB
  • Air throughput: up to 60 m3/h
  • Inherent noise: 30 dB(A) at 55 m3/h
  • Heat recovery of up to 85 %
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AEROVITAL ambience smart

Even more comfort functions via an app: AEROVITAL ambience smart version.

In the "smart" version, AEROVITAL ambience is equipped with a WLAN control. Thus it can be easily and conveniently operated with a smartphone or tablet via the SIEGENIA Comfort app, opening up clever additional comfort functions:

  • Control via smartphone or tablet with the free
  • SIEGENIA Comfort app (from iOS 8.0 and Android 5.0)
  • Continuous air flow regulation and up to 5 timers
  • Display of temperature, air humidity, air quality and filter change
  • VOC / CO2 control
  • WLAN even without external router
  • Free selection of mode of operation: simultaneous air supply and extraction, air supply only, air extraction only
  • Cross ventilation with two devices is possible
  • Energy label A+
Komfortsysteme Wandluefter Aerovital Ambience Smart

Vent duct EPP

Clear design, clear benefits: installation with vent duct EPP.

With the EPP vent duct, you will achieve a clear, unobstructed facade view and simultaneously optimise the sound insulation. And this also increases your freedom of design, as the vent duct allows a wide range of construction situations to be realised within the facade.


  • Flexible adjustment to the building structures
  • Undisturbed view of the facade due to concealed installation
  • Flexible installation possibilities: in or beside the window reveal
  • Increased sound insulation
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AEROVITAL ambience is so versatile
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