The complete ALU range for windows, doors and sliding doors made of aluminium

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ALU is the basis for big ideas.

Aluminium is the material that lends pioneering concepts to sashes. For this purpose, visions of the future and practical suitability must be perfectly coordinated. The know-how of over 50 years of consistent development work is contained in our ALU complete range, not just in every component, but also in the modular system, in order to fulfil these requirements.

From SIEGENIA, you can obtain a complete hardware spectrum for windows, doors and sliding doors for your aluminium systems from a single source. In stringently tested quality, with numerous innovations and with a versatility that sets standards with regard to efficiency and modularity.

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Hardware spectrum

Everything from one source: the complete hardware range

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Herein lies the freedom of design for the solutions of tomorrow: due to its unlimited scope, our ALU complete range of window and sliding door hardware, extending to modern locking systems for entrance doors, covers all size ranges – with a versatility enabling us to supply the matching solution for all openings types and weight classes as well as for every security, comfort and design requirement.

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Innovations and special solutions

Complete freedom: innovative products and special architectural solutions

Alu-programm Innovationen Lueftungsklappe

Very narrow turn-only manual ventilation window with concealed axxent hinge side

The ALU axxent PLUS LK hinge side provides more possibilities for manual fresh air supply with a perfect façade image due to sash widths from 170 mm. Depending on the profile, the fall protection could also be omitted. Both panel and glass versions can be achieved in many variants with the simplest fabrication.

Alu-programm Innovationen Sonderloesung

Development of special solutions for individual facades

Future-oriented architecture often presents new demands on the hardware technology. With our 50-year expertise in residential and public buildings, we will also develop special solutions for you, testing them carefully for their practical suitability.

Alu-programm Innovationen Axxent-tuerband

Concealed axxent door hinge

So that the design is elegant and timeless, but the assembly is quick and easy, this door hinge combines modern minimalism with the highest possible efficiency, only one person is needed to lift the door sash on or off and there is complete freedom for lateral, height and pressure adjustment.

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Alu-programm Innovationen Portal-hsa

Large lift and slide elements with narrow frame widths and smart motor function

With the PORTAL lift-slide system, you will bring more light and ease of movement into clear design concepts. When our DRIVE axxent HSA smart drive system is integrated in sashes with a weight of up to 400 kg, these can also be moved and locked via the app.

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Everything in the modular system: for lean logistics and the simplest fabrication

The full potential of the complete ALU range is visible when you take a look behind the facade. Because, while the dimensions and requirements are growing in building construction, you can keep the logistics lean and the production streamlined with ALU. For this purpose, we have bundled our scope of performance into a modular system, which offers you more options with less expenditure.

Maximum solution diversity with a minimum number of components

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Alu-programm Produktivitaet Modulsystem-kfv

The high degree of modularity allows the flexible and efficient configuration of a large range of variants. Thus all window hardware lines are only distinguished by their stay and hinge side. Our multi-point locks with uniform dimensions also offer you tangible productivity benefits.

  • Sharply reduced number of individual components
  • More flexibility in the combination of hardware due to freely combinable components
  • Simplified ordering and delivery processes
  • Space-saving modular packaging method in a multi-container system
  • Efficient and cost-saving warehousing


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Precisely scalable for individual requirements

Alu-programm Produktivitaet Skalierung En

Due to the easily integrated additional parts, you will have all the options for individual scalability and sustainable cost optimisation at any time. Because you will be able to adjust your system precisely to your market and react very quickly and flexibly to increased requirements:

  • Simple, scalable load capacity within the window hardware lines with few additional parts
  • Individual retrofit due to concealed motor function and diverse comfort components
  • Invisible SOFT CLOSE function and motor function for lift-slide systems can be integrated
  • Easy upgrading of multi-point locks through motor function and a door arrester or daytime release

High degree of preassembly and optimum adjustment opportunities

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Alu-programm Produktivitaet Vormontage-bandseite

Your benefits begin in the production due to practically-oriented optimisation and innovations. Because components, which are preassembled or easily clampable, as well as large adjustment ranges and clever plug & play sets, automatically provide faster procedures and greater efficiency.

  • High level of preassembly
  • High adjustment ranges for windows, doors and sliding doors
  • Easily accessible 3D adjustment for windows and doors
  • Height-adjustable bogie wheels for rapid precision adjustment of lift and slide elements
  • Fabrication with few tools due to clampable window components
  • Clever plug & play sets for easily integrated access control systems