SIEGENIA: verifiably sustainable 

T07 Sie Fensterbau 2024 Epd-uebergabe
T07 Sie Fensterbau 2024 Epd-uebergabe

Ceremonial presentation of personalised EPDs by the ift Rosenheim

The development of pioneering products and systems at SIEGENIA is closely connected with sustainable concepts and actions. The target of the company is to shape the building and living of future generations responsibly and innovatively. The high bar for sustainability, which the company places on its products and solutions, is now also proven by the EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations), which the ift Rosenheim as an experienced, competent, accredited body presented to SIEGENIA at FENSTERBAU 2024. SIEGENIA is underlining its trailblazing position in the hardware industry with these personalised EPDs.

Transparent data for sustainable construction

"With the creation of personalised EPDs, which deliver concrete, reliable figures on the CO2 footprint of our products, we are underlining our trailblazing position in the industry", outlines Markus Bade, Head of the Strategic Development of Business Areas and Product Management Division at SIEGENIA. "The EPDs prove that our products have considerably reduced emission values in comparison with the generic data customary in the industry. We can therefore create added value for our customers in terms of the climate-friendly design of windows and doors. The data we provide is required for certifications at building level, – such as the ‘Sustainable Building’ quality seal (QNG) – and will be increasingly required in the future.”

The EPDs were created in close cooperation between SIEGENIA and the ift Rosenheim – a valuable cooperation from the perspective of both partners. Markus Bade emphasises: "As the manufacturer, we need a powerful partner at our side in order to implement this task. We have found this partner in the ift." Prof. Jörn P. Lass, Institute Director of the ift Rosenheim, continues: "For the ift Rosenheim it is important that we, in cooperation with strong partners from the industry, carry statements on sustainability in the industry, which are founded on a scientific basis."

Sustainable know-how as a driver for product development

From their hardware technology and motorised drives, extending to smart room comfort solutions, SIEGENIA has subjected all product ranges to a comprehensive auditing process and used this for the creation of EPDs. The acquired know-how will also flow into the development of new solutions in the future: "The detailed collection of data will put us in the position to be able to compare different product variants with each other very early on in order to evaluate their sustainability and make responsible decisions", according to Markus Bade.