SIEGENIA committed to helping those in need 

T19 Sie Weihnachtsspenden 2023
T19 Sie Weihnachtsspenden 2023

Tradition of donating continues with a generous 20,000 euros

SIEGENIA has been supporting people in difficult life situations for many years. This long tradition includes the company opting not to send Christmas presents to its partners and supporting charitable causes instead. The company is particularly keen to support local organisations based near its German sites, but it also regularly supports national and international institutions. This year, SIEGENIA is continuing its tradition by donating a total of 20,000 euros for charitable purposes.

Financial support for eight charitable organisations

SIEGENIA is particularly passionate about helping people experiencing hardship by donating to local food banks. This year, the Siegen Food Bank (Siegener Tafel) will again receive 3,300 euros to allow it to distribute free food, while the Hermeskeil Food Bank (Tafel Hermeskeil e.V.) and the Velbert Food Bank (Velberter Tafel), run by the Niederberg parish charitable organisation Diakonisches Werk, will each get a Christmas donation of 2,200 euros. 

SIEGENIA has also chosen four other local causes to support. The Balthasar Children's and Young Adults' Hospice in Olpe will use the donation of 3,300 euros to provide care for terminally ill children, adolescents and young adults and to support their family members. The Siegen-Wittgenstein division of Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung e. V. Siegen – a charity helping those with learning disabilities – will also receive 3,000 euros. The organisation will be able to use this donation to further expand its support for people with learning disabilities and their families. The company is also donating 3,000 euros to support the work of the Hochwald Outpatient Hospice (Ambulanten Hospiz Hochwald) near the SIEGENIA site in Hermeskeil. The Outpatient Hospice has dedicated itself to easing the burden on those who are critically or terminally ill and their loved ones and to providing both psycho-social and practical support. The "Do you hear me?" (Hörst du mich?) counselling centre run by Caritasverband Siegen-Wittgenstein e.V. in Siegen will also receive 1,000 euros to provide counselling and support for children and young people whose parents have a life-threatening illness or have passed away. Further afield, SIEGENIA is again supporting the work of Doctors Without Borders. The organisation will use its 2,000-euro donation to provide emergency medical aid in crisis-hit regions and war zones.