SIEGENIA is taking on its apprentices

T05 Sie Ausbildungsabschluss 2022 Matthias Marinho Lopes Presse
T05 Sie Ausbildungsabschluss 2022 Matthias Marinho Lopes Presse

Proud of their outstanding performances    

The SIEGENIA GROUP is delighted with the successful completion by its apprentices of their final exams held in the winter. A total of 14 apprentices have successfully passed their final exams at the headquarters in Niederdielfen and at the KFV subsidiary in Velbert and are now starting their professional careers. Thirteen of the junior staff accepted the offer of employment in different divisions of SIEGENIA; one dual student is also continuing his professional career in the company.

'Very good' three times over

SIEGENIA is especially proud of the outstanding performances of three apprentices. They obtained an average grade of 1.0 in their vocational college certificates. Timo Köbernik and Nina Franziska vom Bovert are now continuing their professional careers in the maintenance of tooling at the Niederdielfen site, more specifically in the eCommerce division. Particularly outstanding were the results of Matthias Marinho Lopes, who succeeded in completing the final exams with the grade level of "very good" (96 %). Wieland Frank, SIEGENIA's managing partner, congratulated the prospective machine and plant operator personally for his achievements.