Integrated CO2 regulation for the AEROTUBE from SIEGENIA 

T04 Sie Aero Aerotube Mit Co2-sensor Presse
T04 Sie Aero Aerotube Mit Co2-sensor Presse

Optically invisible – efficient installation

The AEROTUBE wall-mounted ventilation unit from SIEGENIA, with its discreet design and the option of controlled ventilation with comfort functions, has proved its efficiency in private homes and commercial projects. The compact ventilation unit now ensures a healthy indoor environment even more efficiently: in light of the increasing awareness of end users of the topic of air quality, the AEROTUBE WRG smart and the AEROTUBE AZ smart are now available with CO2 regulation on request. This enables convenient, automatic adaptation of the air exchange to the current demands and guarantees high air quality at all times. This can reduce the risk of viruses in the indoor air significantly.

For this purpose, the new CO2 regulation supplements the functional mode of the two ventilators, which up to now has been aligned with the temperature and air humidity, with the demand-based adaptation of the ventilation on the basis of the CO2 content in the indoor air. The air status is indicated via a traffic-light display in the SIEGENIA Comfort app. This new function is also convincing from an aesthetic perspective: directly integrated in the inner cover of the ventilator, the optional sensors are completely invisible.

Dispense with external sensors – wireless networking

Fabricators also benefit from the integration of sensors in the casing of the ventilator. This means that you gain an additional argument for your sales negotiations as well as saving time and costs in assembly, as the installation and wiring of an external sensor are omitted. This also ensures efficient processes such as potentially dispensing with the routing of cables for the coupling of ventilators operated in pairs. This makes the AEROTUBE an ideal solution for new builds and retrofit.

Intelligent networking – smart control

The AEROTUBE offers room comfort for a wide range of requirements thanks to its clever system structure in a number of variants. The AEROTUBE WRG smart stands for demand-based switching between the supply air function and exhaust air function as well as integrated heat recovery of up to 90 percent. The coupling of its economic mode of operation and high rate of heat recovery makes it one of the most energy-efficient devices in its class. Whereas the AEROTUBE AZ smart can be selectively used as a supply air or exhaust air unit. Both ventilators are distinguished by their maximum ease of use, thanks to their integrated temperature and humidity sensors. In addition, the ease of use is elevated via the standard integrated WLAN module, which can easily be integrated into the SIEGENIA Comfort app and controlled conveniently via smartphone. The free remote function is also smart: it enables operation of the ventilators both when you are at home and when you are out and about. An LED status indicator, a filter change indicator and the continuous control of the air intensity with the aid of the app ensures the ease of use.