SIEGENIA: "Participation at FENSTERBAU 2022 is too high a risk!"

T35 Sie Messe Fensterbau 2018 166 Presse
T35 Sie Messe Fensterbau 2018 166 Presse

The SIEGENIA GROUP considers its participation in FENSTERBAU 2022 to be too high a risk and is cancelling. This was announced by the management. "As a leading international trade fair, FENSTERBAU is of great importance to our company. It is and remains an important platform for the presentation of product innovations and personal dialogue with customers and interested parties. However, the uncertain overall situation surrounding the Corona pandemic and the rapid spread of another virus variant make it impossible for visitors and exhibitors to plan their participation in a meaningful way," explains Wieland Frank, Managing Partner of SIEGENIA.

Health risk - concerned customers from home and abroad

"From our point of view, the health risk for employees and visitors associated with participation in a trade fair can hardly be assessed at present. The various hygiene and vaccination/testing regulations do nothing to change this. As an exhibitor, we bear a great responsibility here, and it is our concern to deal with this appropriately. We also see the opportunity for personal exchange - for us a decisive factor for the commercial success of a trade fair - as being limited at the moment. The enquiries we receive daily from our customers at home and abroad clearly reflect this concern. At the present time, we must realistically assume that this risk cannot be safely controlled within the setting of the trade fair! " states Wieland Frank. SIEGENIA is open to entering into dialogue again with the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre in the event of a postponement of FENSTERBAU FRONTALE. SIEGENIA expects to take part in the exhibition again in 2024 and is looking forward to building on the earlier successes of FENSTERBAU FRONTALE.

SIEGENIA is, however, convinced that it must remain in dialogue with its customers and remain visible in the industry. "We have a lot to show and are launching an exciting means of communication", agree Wieland Frank and Guy Muller, Business Unit Manager for Market & Customers.