A "Flying Market" for SIEGENIA

T25 Sie Fliegender Markt 2021
T25 Sie Fliegender Markt 2021

Artwork finds a new site in the local industry

It has already caught the eye of many at the Unteres Schloß location in Siegen. Now it has found a new home at SIEGENIA: the "Flying Market" art installation has recently made itself at home at the business premises of the Siegerland company in Wilnsdorf-Niederdielfen. The walk-in artwork, which as an outdoor installation of the Siegen Museum for Contemporary Art (MCA Siegen), offered fascinating insights into the activities of the museum for several months, will now become a meeting place in front of the showroom at the headquarters of SIEGENIA.

Wieland Frank, managing partner, expressed his opinion on the procurement of the artwork: "in this way, the museum is bringing its art to the outside and I can well imagine this as a symbolic bridge to our exhibition centre." It is a special priority of his to establish the "Flying Market" as a meeting place for employees and partners. Guests and visitors will also get the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with their contact partners in this location at SIEGENIA. "We want to create a social space for communication and exchange with this artwork. The meeting place will invite people to linger, take a break, have a picnic. As an artistic space, it will continue to inspire and promote creativity.

Thomas Thiel, director of the Museum for Contemporary Art also sees the new location of the artwork positively: "it is a testament to its great resonance that the art installation from Michael Beutler delighted the Siegen general public this summer and awakened the interest of SIEGENIA at the same time. Together with the artist I am glad that the "Flying Market" will not be moving on as usual but will remain in the region and can be newly discovered in the other location." 

An artwork to linger around

Created by artist Michael Beutler as an independent sculpture and social meeting point, the "Flying Market" is understood to be a space that can be experienced for a variety of purposes. With the interlaced, multi-level market stalls and their colourful canopies, the 12-by-12 metre installation is reminiscent of a colourful weekly market.