SIEGENIA: TITAN makes everything possible

T23 Pi Titan Fenstertuer Niveaugleiche Schwelle
T23 Pi Titan Fenstertuer Niveaugleiche Schwelle

Hardware portfolio for thresholds completed

SIEGENIA makes the design of the passage to the outside more convenient than ever with the new hardware solution for thresholds. The high-performance TITAN hardware portfolio has been expanded with a solution for barrier-free thresholds with drop-down seal for this purpose. This enables fabricators, architects and end users to achieve the widest range of room comfort requirements with regard to barrier-free systems. With security up to RC2, good sound absorption and high compression, they can be flexibly combined with both single-sash and double-sash elements.

Barrier-free with additional benefits

Suitable for barrier-free French door systems made of different profile materials, the new solution for barrier-free thresholds with drop-down seal is convincing from the end user perspective due to the convenient, smooth operation and the high corrosion resistance and long service life, for which TITAN fittings are renowned. Elements can also be fabricated to resistance class RC2 standards with TITAN fittings. This is achieved by the combination of hook lock, locking point and tilt point in one single component together with the high burglar resistance, maintaining high thermal protection and sound absorption. And into the bargain, state subsidies for barrier-free systems and burglar resistance make this type of investment attractive for financial reasons.

Architects and fabricators also benefit from the new solution. They now have the greatest possible freedom in the selection of profiles, thresholds and the type and size of elements. Thanks to the optional equipment up to RC2, you can submit tenders for barrier-free French doors with certified burglar resistance. Lean logistics is a further plus for fabricators: only three additional components are required for the production of a single-sash, barrier-free threshold system.

High-performance overall system

The strengths of the other two hardware variants of the TITAN range have been tried and tested multiple times in practice: Thus, for high aesthetic demands, both the solution for standard thresholds with stop seal and the solution for ALUMAT thresholds are available. Especially with regard to thresholds with drop-down seals, which make up more than 95 % of the market, the SIEGENIA solution with the concealed TITAN axxent 24+ hinge side leaves the majority of alternatives far behind. With its discreet appearance combined with permanent smooth operation and high compression, it provides a high degree of room comfort.

The SIEGENIA fittings also offer significant room comfort benefits in the version for the recessed ALUMAT system, whose magnetic seal lifts up slightly during the closing process, causing the system to become barrier-free. An additional strength of the TITAN hardware solution for the ALUMAT system is its construction capacity up to resistance class RC2. This allows SIEGENIA to be the first provider of high burglar resistance for threshold systems with magnetic seals.