AS 3600C: security for all cases

T16 Sie Kfv As 3600c
T16 Sie Kfv As 3600c

The solution for apartment buildings from SIEGENIA

Practical, secure, convenient: the new AS 3600 C automatic multi-point locking system apartment buildings from SIEGENIA offers all residents the option to leave the building at any time, even when the door is locked, because protection of life and limb has the highest priority. Although locking protects against potential burglary attempts, in emergency situations, for example in case of fire, leaving the building without a key would no longer be possible. This could be a safety hazard. In such cases the house residents panic and the required key is often not to hand. With the AS 3600 C, burglary resistance and the protection of human life is now mutually compatible.

Secure without compromises

The technology of the AS 3600 C dispenses with the blocking of the lever handle for this purpose. This allows the door to be opened from the inside without a key at any time. In conjunction with the motorised opening, this is also possible via the intercom system. The automatic locking of the door by the ejection of falling bolts and hook bolts enables the skilled combination of security and comfort during the locking process.

The AS 3600C also convinces due to its flexible combination options: on request, it can be combined with the new access control systems from SIEGENIA – the fingerprint scanner, the transponder or the keypad. This not only protects against unauthorised access to the building, it also enables the residents to use the convenient control with the aid of the SIEGENIA Comfort app.

Simple and efficient in fabrication

The new solutions possess further benefits from the perspective of door producers. The use of standard milling dimensions of the AS 3500 and AS 3600, for example, ensures simple and efficient fabrication . The frequent use of special frame parts is also completely omitted here.