SIEGENIA: new repair kit for aluminium windows

T25 Sie Sass Reparaturset Alu Komplett
T25 Sie Sass Reparaturset Alu Komplett

The servicing of windows with ALU eurogroove made easy

Problems with finding spare parts, minimum quantities and surcharges for opening the box together with long waiting times? With the SIEGENIA repair set for timber and PVC windows, such obstacles are now a relic of the past. And SIEGENIA Sicherheits-Service GmbH is now rounding off its portfolio: the new repair kit for aluminium windows also makes the servicing of defective aluminium windows easy, cost-effective and efficient for trade companies.

Can be used regardless of the manufacturer

The greatest strength of the repair kit is that it can be used regardless of the window manufacturer: due to the well thought out design, all windows with ALU eurogrooves can be easily repaired during an on-site visit – without inconvenient waiting times for the customer. For this purpose, the repair kit is delivered in four assortment boxes for the optional spare parts trolley from SIEGENIA together with a carton for the operating rods. When assembling the kit components, particular consideration was given to the main causes of defective windows. You will therefore find the necessary components to rectify any fault at your fingertips. The number of components is reduced to a minimum.

The assembly is also well thought out. This is ensured by diverse operating rods in five different lengths, which have already been drilled on one side. Only the second, manufacturer-specific hole needs to be drilled on site with the aid of the template included in the repair kit. The template can also be used for cropping. A complete replacement is also possible with the components of the SIEGENIA repair set.

Quick delivery – transparent shipping costs

Trade companies receive additional support as a result of the practical documentation with assembly instructions and contact partners as well as the efficient ordering system. All components can be ordered directly from SIEGENIA Sicherheits-Service GmbH by giving the number printed on the desired part; the delivery period is only 1-3 working days. A clearly defined flat shipping rate ensures price transparency for the customer.