One simple action is enough

T10 01 Sie Titan Komfortschere
T10 01 Sie Titan Komfortschere

TITAN Comfort stay: Ease of use par excellence 

Move heavyweight windows effortlessly with only one hand: The TITAN Comfort stay makes closing large turn-and-tilt windows and patio doors after they have been tilted child's play. Even high sash weights can be operated so easily, smoothly and only using one hand. When opening in the tilt position, an integrated power storage unit is activated, which then ensures the easy return of the sash into the locked position, and likewise reduces teetering. This protects the bearing points and makes the elements exceptionally durable. In addition, it ensures the easy return of the sash into the locked position. This is not offered currently by any other solution for timber, timber-aluminium and PVC.

As a result of its smooth, pleasant and convenient operation, the mechanical locking support is both the ideal solution for high-end apartments and for care homes, clinics and buildings with frequently changing users. It is especially suitable for windows with more than 50 kg sash weight and patio doors with more than 70 kg sash weight as well as for windows with an unfavourable height-width ratio. Thanks to its concealed technology, it always gives a good impression because its appearance is both appealing and discreet. 

Production and installation on site made easy

The TITAN Comfort stay demonstrates further qualities in the production, as fabricators can rely on trusted processes when assembling. The Comfort stay also offers a real unique selling point when it comes to on-site installation. Unlike electrical solutions, it is really impressive as it manages to dispense with cables and a power supply, meaning that it can be retrofitted quickly, economically, effortlessly and without construction dirt. Due to its compatibility with TITAN AF and TITAN iP hardware, it is a top candidate for retrofit projects.