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Individual room comfort

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Question of 12

Only where you feel safe do you feel comfortable. Therefore the topic of "burglar resistance" has a high priority for a lot of people. What affects you personally most?

It is important for a lot of people to live independently well into their old age. Hence solutions for the elderly at home are an integral part of room comfort. How do you see that?

A clear and modern design creates a positive room feeling. Would you prefer especially elegant and high-quality products to conventional products?

Many people attempt to save precious energy in their household, which they rapidly forfeit due to improper ventilation. How do you handle this?

Contemporary architecture is distinguished by large glass areas and patio doors. This provides a special room experience, but not necessarily room comfort. What is still necessary in your opinion?

Smartphones simplify our everyday routine in many areas of life. Could you imagine using your smartphone or tablet to make your home more secure?

A pleasant room atmosphere is created by optical space and a lot of daylight. It allows the room space to appear larger and therefore supports your room comfort. Which statement do you identify with?

Proper ventilation protects not only against mould formation. Depending on the type of air supply and quality of the indoor air, ventilation is of central importance for a healthy room comfort. What is important to you?

"Smart Home" is the magical word for modern room comfort. App solutions in particular offer you the opportunity to live more safely and relaxed. What would give you a real feel of magic at home?

Wide open windows quickly bring fresh air into the home, but are also a hazard, an "invitation to break in". How would you best like to ventilate your home?

Design is a matter of taste. This is also shown in the designing of your own four walls. Which rooms do you feel comfortable in?

Nowadays environmental impacts such as noise, air pollution and pollen have a considerable influence on health. How are you affected by this inside your own four walls?