The window rebate ventilator with optional turn lock.

As an energy-saving passive ventilator, the AEROMAT mini offers big advantages in small spaces. Its fresh air supply with a volumetric flow limiter ensures a comfortable atmosphere. You can also open and close the air inlet manually using the optional turn lock. The AEROMAT mini is easy to install and is almost invisible when used in timber, PVC or aluminium windows.

All benefits at a glance

  • Energy-saving passive ventilation using differential pressure
  • Controlled, steady fresh air supply with closed windows
  • Can be locked manually with optional turn lock
  • Mould prevention and protection from humidity in accordance with DIN 1946-6
  • Concealed in window rebate and easy to upgrade
  • Self-regulating volumetric flow limiter stop draughts

Advantages for the fabricator

  • Fast and easy integration in production processes
  • Simple, concealed installation
  • Narrow design for flexible installation and very small sash sizes
  • Horizontal installation at the top and on the hinge side with standard screws