Keep bolts and standard shootbolts

Convenient and efficient solutions for inactive leafs.

In addition to the proven standard shootbolt solutions, KFV has a comprehensive range of keep bolts for double leaf doors made of aluminium, timber and plastic. These fitting solutions not only offer smooth operation and an appealing look, they also increase flexibility and save assembly time while ensuring the advantages of lean warehousing thanks to their sophisticated modular design. The new BS80 keep bolt leads the way.

All advantages of keep bolts at a glance

  • SKG tested
  • Smooth operation
  • Time-saving assembly
  • Thick bolt makes them particularly secure
  • With deadbolts that extend 20 mm upwards and downwards to lock
  • For door heights from 2010 mm to 3155 mm
  • NEW: BS80 keep bolt with convenient T control lever

The different versions:

Keep bolts:
  • BS80-0624ERQH with control lever blocking for aluminium
  • BS60-733-2ERQH / BS80-733-2ERQH with control lever blocking for plastic
  • BS60-280ERQH with control lever blocking for timber with 4 mm air gap and 13 mm axial position
  • BS60-230ERQH / BS80-230ERQH with control lever blocking for timber with 4 mm air gap and 15 mm axial position
  • BS60-584-1ERQH with control lever blocking for Veka Profile AD System (No. 102215)
  • BS60-221ERQH with control lever blocking Veka Profile AD System (No. 102236)
  • S52-133-4AG with 7750-133-4 for butting timber doors
Standard shootbolt:
  • 8030/8031 for timber
  • 8033 for eurogroove
  • 8032 for 16 mm groove
  • 8036 for 14 mm groove
  • 8037 for 12 mm groove
  • 8034 without fitting groove