DRIVE axxent DK

Motors for tilt & turn windows. Fully concealed motion chain drive for maximum convenience.

With the right technology, you don’t have to choose between optimal home comfort, top-quality fabrication and aesthetics. The flexible, design-oriented motion chain drive in our axxent motion product line effortlessly moves even hard-to-reach windows. The DRIVE axxent DK features first-class design and functionality, and an easy-to-install motion chain drive for tilt & turn windows made of timber, plastic or aluminium. Completely integrated into the frame profile, it enables fully automated, controlled window ventilation. This model provides fresh air to high-class residential and commercial properties, increasing both the quality of living and the property value. The DRIVE axxent DK is easy to control using the push button or the infrared remote control. It can also be integrated into the building control technology with ease.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Can be used for tilt & turn windows made of timber, plastic or aluminium
  • Motorised locking, unlocking and tipping at the touch of a button on the infrared remote control or when triggered by the building control technology
  • Completely concealed technology combines perfect design with maximum home comfort
  • Easy to install and to adjust
  • An unlimited number of drives can be connected to each other simultaneously
  • Fast opening speed
  • Closing speed meets security requirements
  • Can be operated manually, even when tipped or closed via motors
  • Ideal for integration into building control technology and ventilation systems
  • Opening width: 120 or 150 mm, depending on model