New training programme from SIEGENIA

Sie Neues-schulungsprogramm-web
Sie Neues-schulungsprogramm-web

Extensive online and face-to-face programme

Broaden existing expertise - acquire new skills: SIEGENIA's wide-ranging training programme helps fabricators in their day-to-day business. The new programme has now been released. With over 50 events, some of which are held face-to-face and some in the form of webinars, the programme gives fabricators the opportunity to develop all of the areas relevant to the success of their business, tailored to their needs.

On-site events at SIEGENIA

From the fundamentals of setting up hardware for windows, French doors and entrance doors to basic seminars on ventilation and even training in electromechanics for entrance doors, the programme caters for an extremely wide range of interests and skill levels. The company also shares its extensive expertise in all aspects of drive technology for sliding doors and in setting up systems and using apps to control them.

Flexible and accessible from anywhere: SIEGENIA's online formats

In addition to the face-to-face training that SIEGENIA offers at its locations in Niederdielfen, Hermeskeil, Velbert and Wadern, fabricators can also take advantage of numerous online events. Specially tailored to their individual operational requirements, the webinars give them maximum flexibility: in practical time slots of two to four hours, fabricators can expand their knowledge of SIEGENIA solutions – regardless of where they are, and from the comfort of their workplace or home office. SIEGENIA experts will answer any questions that arise promptly during the training course.

Generating extra business: retrofitting and repair

Fabricators can also benefit from decades of expertise gained by SIEGENIA specialists during installation courses and hands-on training sessions covering retrofitting and repairs. The aim of the police-recognised installation courses is to hone and expand expertise in the field of burglar resistance, which in turn allows them to be included in the lists of recommended providers compiled by the state criminal investigation offices and the K-Einbruch initiative. This generates attractive extra business. In addition to providing information on standards and guidelines, SIEGENIA will also be demonstrating examples of typical installation situations for burglar-resistant elements at these events. SIEGENIA-AUBI Sicherheitsservice GmbH has set up state-of-the-art training facilities at its new site in Wadern for this purpose. There, participants can work on five windows simultaneously, allowing them to gain the practical experience they need.

Optimised production processes for commercial success

The company's comprehensive all-round support also includes on-site measures hosted by SIEGENIA's partners. In the area of production in particular, SIEGENIA will be providing a comprehensive package of measures for production planning and optimisation of production processes. These measures range from technical advice that utilises lean management support to the provision of data technology or technical documentation. 

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