Opening restrictor from SIEGENIA: certified safety for children

Pi Alu Oeffnungsbegrenzer-komfort Alu-5200 Web
Pi Alu Oeffnungsbegrenzer-sicherheit Alu-axxent Web
Pi Alu Oeffnungsbegrenzer-komfort Alu-5200 Web
Pi Alu Oeffnungsbegrenzer-sicherheit Alu-axxent Web

New room comfort options for aluminium windows

SIEGENIA is extending its portfolio for aluminium windows with two new options for the ALU hardware range: the safety opening restrictor and the comfort opening restrictor now offer manufacturers of aluminium windows new freedom of design with regard to the topic of room comfort. Moreover, the childproof version has been certified in accordance with EN 13126-5. This gives fabricators the security of a high-quality solution without compromises. 

Both opening restrictors are also optically impressive. Thanks to their clever design, there is no need for additional release mechanisms on the window sash. This ensures a discreet, appealing appearance as well as intuitive, safe operation.  

Certified safety: reliable protection for small children

SIEGENIA offers reliable protection for your kids with the childproof version with certification in accordance with EN 13126-5. Two restrictors per sash are used for this purpose. In accordance with the standard, the opening width in the turn position is less than 89 mm. The opening restrictor can be easily released by authorised persons via a lockable window handle with tilt-before-turn function if required – e.g. for window cleaning or maintenance purposes. Therefore at any time, the sash can be opened completely for the desired period of time. The closing process is also well thought-out: when you turn the handle back into the locking position, the restrictors couple automatically to restore the childproof function.

Convenience in just one step

For application cases without special safety requirements, the comfort opening restrictor from SIEGENIA reduces the opening width in the turning position to less than 89 mm in the active status. The decoupling of the opening restrictor is especially easy in this version and can be accomplished in one simple, convenient step. For this purpose, the window sash is equipped with a moveable component that is used to release the opening restrictor. This enables end users to quickly and effortlessly open the sash as wide as they like. The coupling of the comfort opening restrictor also takes place automatically. 

Simple integration in the production line

The new opening restrictors also have distinct benefits for production. They can easily be integrated into existing production processes thanks to their compatibility with the SIEGENIA ALU hardware portfolio. Additional holes and millings on the sash side are not required. Use of both opening restrictors is also possible in timber and PVC windows.