SIEGENIA: for PVC windows up to 150 kg

T12 Titan Bs Titan Kf 150kg Winkelband Schere Gekoppelt
T12 Titan Bs Titan Kf 150kg Winkelband Schere Gekoppelt

Hinge side TITAN PVC 150 kg – new scale for more room comfort

With a new variant, SIEGENIA is expanding the opportunities for the use of its tried and tested TITAN hardware: the hinge side TITAN PVC now enables the achievement of sash weights up to 150 kg for PVC windows as well. The company is therefore providing a high-performance solution combining high light incidence with state-of-the-art sound and thermal protection requirements, thus enabling a high degree of room comfort. The new hinge side also exhibits additional strengths in production and assembly, where it distinguishes itself by its simple and speedy fabrication.

Maximum safety in operation is provided by the hinge side TITAN PVC 150 kg resulting from extensive testing with renowned system providers, in which the hinge side has been tested under the most stringent conditions for enduring load capacity and durability. This makes it the ideal solution for heavyweight PVC windows and therefore an outstanding choice both for residential housing and for for public buildings like kindergartens and schools. For the latter, their use for sashes weighing approximately 130 kg would make sense due to high level of stress exposure to the elements. The new hinge side also provides clear benefits for invitations to tender: fabricators, building element retailers and architects benefit from being able to participate in tenders for higher sash weights using PVC elements.

Extremely efficient in production

The positive features of the hinge side TITAN PVC 150 kg in production are also convincing from the perspective of fabricators. Simple and efficient fabrication is ensured, for example by the use of the drilling and screwing templates familiar from the standard hinge side together with the optimised stay hinge with intuitive and quick coupling. The turn restriction has been further developed. Due to its constant torque and the resulting rigidity in the system, it effectively prevents the sash from sagging, even in case of heavy weights, and contributes to low maintenance expenditure in the long term. The upgrade from the standard hinge side to TITAN PVC 150 kg is remarkably easy: only two new components are required for this purpose: a high-strength top hinge with an identical drilling and screwing template together with a rebate corner hinge. This allows speedy production and lean warehousing.

Maintaining long-term end user satisfaction

Large glass areas that let abundant light into the building and versions for more energy efficiency, enhanced burglar resistance, sound absorption and comfort – the hinge side TITAN PVC 150 kg makes the combination of these benefits for large-scale windows and patio doors made of PVC comparably easy and inexpensive. With the familiar, low frame clearance, narrow frame widths will continue to be achieved with the hinge side. Furthermore, the new hinge side provides room comfort its easy-care frame material, which allows the end user to save time and money in cleaning and maintenance. The stringent criteria of the load tests – they include the testing of 150 kg load capacity during 20 000 cycles – means that it is ensured that the window sash is protected against sagging and that the window can be operated easily and conveniently on a long-term basis.