Memorable milestone for the comfort mushroom cam from SIEGENIA

T01 Sie Titan Komfortpilzbolzen Hoehenverstellung
T01 Sie Titan Komfortpilzbolzen Hoehenverstellung

TITAN makes it better: 500 million times over!

First presented in 2008 as an innovative component of the TITAN product group at FENSTERBAU/FRONTALE, the comfort mushroom cam from SIEGENIA is now celebrating a significant jubilee: it has been produced more than 500 million times and installed in windows all over the world. It compensates a particularly large airgap area of 10 to 15.5 mm continuously and absolutely independently. It has also been setting standards since its launch on the market with the clever locking function to secure the correct adjustment position.

High production and installation efficiency - satisfied customers

Fabricators benefit from the advantages of the comfort mushroom cam, both in production and in installation, as well as from the high level of customer satisfaction. The automatic tolerance compensation reduces the installation expenditure during assembly to an absolute minimum – fast and without tools. This is not offered in this form by any other solution. The positive features of the comfort mushroom cam offer end users a high standard of room comfort. For example, users appreciate the smooth-running of TITAN hardware that comes with the durable, optimally adjusted locking – without compromising on the topic of burglar resistance, available even up to RC4 on request. A smart advertising video that promotes the added value of the powerful hardware in an entertaining way now supports fabricators in their endeavours to convey the strengths of the comfort mushroom cam to end users in their consultations.

The powerful hardware, equally popular with fabricators and end users, has underlined its high potential as a pioneer for the industry to the present day with its well thought-out components and its consistent further development. Diverse new solutions will also demonstrate the continuing innovative force of this successful hardware range this year. With a hardware solution for barrier-free thresholds, the optimised frame part concept with individual customer logos, but also a new motorised drive for the smart control of TITAN hardware, SIEGENIA will also be setting standards in the future.