Panel of experts invited to SIEGENIA

T33 Sie Smarthomenrw 2019 6356
T33 Sie Smarthomenrw 2019 6356

Fascinating insights for the Federal State Group SmartHomeNRW

How does the topic of room comfort affect smart living?  This question and further questions concerning the intelligent home were the focus of the 20th expert panel of the Federal State Group SmartHomeNRW, who were guests of SIEGENIA in Wilnsdorf-Niederdielfen at the end of November. More than 30 participants from a wide rage of specialist fields accepted the invitation from the producer of solutions for window, door and comfort systems. They used this opportunity to exchange their expertise into the evening.

Experiencing room comfort

Following the welcome speech and an introduction into the topic by Klaus Scherer, Head of SmartHomeNRW, and Markus Bade, Head of the Division of Strategic Business Area Development and Product Management at SIEGENIA, the visitors obtained an initial overview of room comfort and its dimensions of benefits. In their speech, SIEGENIA product manager Heike Hindenberg and her sales colleague

Mark Meyer illuminated the smart aspects of room comfort. The visitors then experienced this in practice by inspecting the attached exhibition centre. Different application scenarios allowed the visitors to experience how SIEGENIA solutions create intelligent living environments and provide more comfort and security.

Under the title „Smarthome for room comfort from the aspect of the architect – the comfort plus for room architecture in practice“, Clemens-August Brachtendorf, Managing Director of the planning company CAB-IC, subsequently talked about the planning and achievement of contemporary living concepts using examples of actual cases. The specialist for system integration in high-end residential construction covered an overview, ranging from room air-conditioning, energy efficiency and extending to smarthome and comfort function for contemporary living in his speech. The 20th expert panel came to an close with a panel discussion and a sociable refreshment, which the participants used to continue their discussions and to network. Expertenrunde aus. 

Smart means creating added value

As host to this event, it was a particular concern of ours to focus on the added value of smart room comfort solutions for end users. A product is not smart purely because it is technically innovative, no, it is smart when it creates a tangible benefit. Technology serves the creation of well-being – that is the added value that makes room comfort reality, and moreover, it makes sense when strong partners interact“, emphasised Markus Bade from SIEGENIA. „The lively discussion during the event as well as the positive resonance subsequently have shown that this is the right way to overcome barriers in the cross-linking of a widest range of products for the user. The panel of experts has given us all the opportunity to establish contacts outside our own box and paving the way to work together more strongly in the future on smart topics.“